Fri Up moves to top gear

16.04.2018 08:47

In existence since 1989, Fri Up is one of the oldest start-up support organisations in the country. Recently, Fri Up has optimized its service range and provides the growing start-up scene in Fribourg with practical and effective support.

Nanolockin is the first spin-off from the Adolphe Merkle Institute in Fribourg. The institute of the University of Fribourg focuses on research and education in the domain of soft nanomaterials and the first spin-off, officially launched in February 2018, aims to commercialise a novel characterization method to help optimize the design of nanoparticles. Fri Up will coach Nanolockin’s the management team to develop their commercial strategy and Seed Capital Fribourg granted a CHF 150,000 interest-free loan which will be used to finalize a series of prototypes.

Nanolockin can serve as typical example for the support of Fri Up, for the close collaboration of the support organisation with network partners such as Seed Capital Fribourg and for the dynamics of the start-up scene in the Canton of Fribourg.

Fri Up fosters entrepreneurship and start-ups in the state of Fribourg. It provides entrepreneurs with professional coaching of at least two years, access to high-end infrastructures and financial support through interest-free loans granted by the Seed Capital Fribourg foundation. The association launched a new all-around support program for innovative young companies in 2016 focussing on start-ups addressing a new market or a new need. The goal is to help start-ups bringing their product to the market successfully. The close collaboration with Seed Capital Fribourg was formalized in 2017. First start-ups received a grant in September last year.

The conditions for start-ups in Fribourg are good. 13’000 students are registered at the University and the University of Applied Science. A lot of innovative SME are active in the Canton and Fri Up helps start-ups to get in touch with them. 

Building on these strengths and its forward strategy, Fri Up wants to become a key player inside the Swiss innovation ecosystem to increase the visibility of the supported start-ups and attract new companies to the state of Fribourg. One step towards this goal is joining the supporters of The editorial staff is pleased to welcome this new supporter.

Picture: Nanolockin / Fri Up

(Stefan Kyora)

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