WISeKey invests in Crypto Valley

21.04.2017 07:39

The cybersecurity, blockchain and IoT company WISeKey announced its intention to establish an IoT and blockchain center of excellence in Zug.

The Canton of Zug is a region that is gradually attracting major crypto technology players and has become known as Crypto Valley. Several major blockchain and bitcoin companies are located in Zug such as the Ethereum Foundation using the swiss experience on fintech and cybersecurity.

With this center Geneva–based WISeKey aims to deploy a trusted blockchain as a service platform. Starting from the third quarter the Center will offer a Platform to US based enterprises, facilitating the rapid adaptation of on-board blockchain based solutions and services.

Furthermore the platform aims to tame the insecure IoT market by organizing itself into trusted networks based on mutual authentication, identity and integrity. This trusted cybersecurity platform will only enable IoT devices that provide a recognized identity and a valid integrity report to communicate with peer devices that are part of the trusted community.

WISekey will be cooperating with Zug’s startup enterprises, fintech incubation firms, and governmental authorities all working on deepTech technologies, on building points of view, proof of concepts, policies or educational materials.

(Press Release)

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