Newscron expands to Spain and UK

11.04.2013 12:37

Newscron SA launches a new version, which now includes newspapers, magazines and blogs from the UK and Spain. After its launch in Italy, Spain, Germany and France, the first multilingual news aggregator/curator is now available for English and Spanish speakers. Today, over 1 million articles have been read using Newscron.

Newscron is a revolutionary App that aggregates news from newspapers based on user’s preferences, in a way to give the readers complete, structured and updated information from different sources. “An excellent semantic aggregator, multilingual – a very important function for me. Since I have been using it, I have had an easier and quicker access to information” says Bruno Giussani, CEO TED Europe.

Newscron is a semantic news aggregator that allows users to read newspapers, magazines and blogs using one App only. You will no longer have to download and manage several news apps: your favourite newspapers and magazines, as well as local and international news, will now be available through Newscron! The app can be customized according to your individual preferences.

Thanks to the underlying powerful semantic algorithm, developed at ETH in Zurich by Elia Palme, CEO, the app is able to filter and organize the news by grouping articles related to the same topic in ‘’stories’’, which allows you to follow the evolution of a story in the timeline and keeps you from reading the same article twice.

Last month, over 1.3 articles have been read using Newscron; the app is currently available in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium on iPhone, iPad, Android and web desktop. More information on the website of Newscron.

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