ICT Investor's Day Goes West

05.04.2013 03:14

The ICT Investor’s Day is an event where ICT start-ups meet investors and supporters of the ICT industry. After eight events in Zurich, the first ICT Investor’s Day is being held in the Romandie. It will take place on 13 May in Lausanne.

The ICT investor’s Day is a pitching event exclusively dedicated to ICT. Before an investor’s day event, start-ups are invited to participate. They use the registration form to register.

About one  month before the event, a jury screens the applications and selects eight candidates that can present their case at the investor’s day. The names of the invited start-ups are published on various social media. Invited start-ups need to prepare a 90-second pitch with one slide (PDF, no animations) and a 10-minute pitch.

At the event every start-up has 90 seconds time to pitch their case. The participants take notes and evaluate the short pitches. Questions are not allowed. The audience then selects four companies which can give their ten minute pitch, each followed by Q&A with high involvement of the jury. After the pitching session investors and start-ups can talk to each other during an apéro.

The first ICT Investor’s Day in Lausanne will be hosted by Debiopharm Group. Registration is open for start-ups and investors. Start-ups have to apply before 21 April. More information on the website of the ICT Investor’s Day and on the blog of Sebastien Flury.

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