03.08.2017 11:20

Ask mAsk: Questions and Answers from people to people

The Basel Based startup Pocket Solutions AG has developed a free app mAsk, which allows users to ask questions and receive answers from verified users. The startup capitalizes on mechanisms and the advantage of human swarm intelligence to allow people to ask and respond to questions anonymously. 600 downloads have already been made.

03.08.2017 09:30

225 Swiss Video Games have already been released

The Swiss Developers Game Association has published a list of playable Swiss video games that have been released and those yet to be. While 225 games have already been released, 48 games are still under development. By 2016,  210 Swiss games were already on the market.

03.08.2017 07:53

Aduno Gruppe übernimmt Mehrheit an Contovista

Die Aduno Gruppe baut ihre Beteiligung am Schweizer Fintech Start-up Contovista aus. Die Angel Investoren verkaufen ihre Anteile an Aduno. 30 Prozent der Anteile verbleiben im Besitz des aktuellen Managements, das weiterhin für das operative Geschäft verantwortlich bleibt.


02.08.2017 16:30

LuckaBox allows for 90-minute delivery

LuckaBox is an innovative city-logistics start up revolutionizing the way urban e-commerce shoppers experience delivery. The startup provides on-demand urban bike delivery services to online retailers via a state-of-the art data-science-driven and customer-centric web platform. Aike Festini CEO and co-founder of LuckaBox shared the progress of LuckaBox.

02.08.2017 14:45

Deutsche Energiekonzerne setzen auf enersis

Ein Joint Venture mit der E.ON-Tochter e.kundenservice Netz (EKN), diverse Projekte mit DigiKoo, einer 100 %-igen innogy-Tochter, und eine neue Partnerschaft mit einem Smart-City-Spezialisten: Das auf Data Analytics spezialisierte Unternehmen enersis suisse AG etabliert sich zunehmend auf dem Markt für innovative Softwarelösungen für die Energiebranche.

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25 and 26 September 2018

Startup DAYs Stade de Suisse / Kursaal Bern

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23 - 25 August 2018

Venture Capital Academy Switzerland by SGE and UC Berkeley startup space, Wiesenstr. 5, Schlieren

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