26.04.2017 11:50

Silicon Valley Countdown: 10 days left to apply

Swisscom is giving the five most innovative startups the opportunity to further develop their startups in Silicon Valley. Aspirants may submit their applications for the Swisscom Startup Challenge by 7 May 2017.

26.04.2017 11:46

Summercamps für Unternehmer und digitale Spezialisten von Morgen

Digitalswitzerland lanciert seine neuste Initiative «nextgeneration». In den Sommerferien 2017 können Kinder und Jugendliche im Alter von 5 bis 19 Jahren in Summercamps, verteilt in der ganzen Schweiz, in die Faszination der digitalen Welt und des Unternehmertums eintauchen. 

26.04.2017 10:15

1Drop Diagnostics and Massachusetts General Hospital Collaborate

1Drop Diagnostics has announced that the funding of their collaboration with clinicians at the Massachusetts General Hospital has been continued. The start-up and the clinicians are investigating a diagnostic device for clinics, nursing and rehabilitation homes, and pharmacies. By affordably and rapidly measuring blood biomarkers, the proposed device would be capable of saving lives.

26.04.2017 08:15

Parquery announces first close of seed financing

Parquery, an ETH Zurich spinoff, announces the first close of its seed financing round. The new shareholders are experienced industrial angel investors and a strategic investor.


25.04.2017 17:02

Xeltis wins Gold Edison Award in medical technology

Xeltis’ RestoreX technology platform won Gold in Edison Awards for the category Testing & Treatment Options, in New York City. Xeltis developed bioabsorbable medical devices to enables the body to restore itself after the implantation.

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18.05.2018 15:40

digitalswitzerland Scale up Bootcamp Zurich startup space, Wiesenstr. 5, Schlieren

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24.04.2018 18:15 - 20:00

Clever eine Firma gründen Fiduciaire Horlogère Suisse SA, Biel/Bienne

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