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02.09.2016 15:12

Swiss start-up and supporter achievements: learn in our newsletter who has created the conditions for achieving particularly ambitious targets this week.

Dear reader

The Swiss start-up Allthings, formerly called qipp, has established a successful platform for the real estate industry. The new name as well as the establishment of a German subsidiary and the opening of offices in Berlin speak for the growing ambitions of the company.

The smart home start-up eSmart will also be growing faster in Switzerland and Europe. The resources necessary were delivered with a financing round of CHF1.5 million. And the merger of the flagship medtech company Hocoma with DIH International, a corporate holding group from Hong Kong, serves to aid further expansion.

Christoph Kausch sees many opportunities, especially in the medical technology field. We talk to the CEO of the new medtech Investors MTIP.

However, for ambitious medtech start-ups, not only the right investors, but also the right network are of significance. Michael Sauter, founder of medtech company compliant concept and today working for Switzerland Innovation Park Biel / Bienne, explains in our interview the reasons and also has a tip for network building: the Medtech Innovation Day in Biel is the ideal opportunity on 5 September.

The traditional strength of Switzerland in the life sciences is also reflected in new areas such as innovation at the interfaces between man-made products and the body. Biointerfaces International 2016, which is dedicated to this area, presented nine Swiss start-ups.

One hundred start-ups selected by 100 experts – that was the concept launched by the IFJ in 2011. The best Swiss start-ups of 2016 will be presented at an award ceremony on 14 September in Schlieren. The subject of ambition fits well here: the event will be significantly larger than previously with several hundred participants.

Also on 14 September, Swiss Startup Invest is organising an Angel Day (topic: reporting and board members for start-ups) and a Swiss Venture Day. This time seven handpicked start-ups will present to investors. The Swiss Venture Day is  coordinated with the award ceremony of the Top 100 Startup Awards, making it easy for investors to visit both.

I would also like to highlight a number of other events in September: Startuptag Zentralschweiz on 13 September, SwissECS on 13 and 14 September, an interesting fintech matinee in Lausanne on 14 September and the Digital Festival in Zurich on 15th September.

Finally a last minute note: Kickstart Accelerator is presenting a master class with Joachim Schoss, founder of the Scout Group and renowned investor. Founders, investors and other interested people from the Swiss start-up ecosystem are invited to join the open session on 6 September.

Have an inspiring weekend.
Stefan Kyora

Managing Editor, startupticker.ch

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