21.09.2018 09:49

Horizon 2020: 150 Millionen Franken für Schweizer KMU und Startups

Das Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation (SBFI) hat einen Bericht zur Beteiligung der Schweiz am europäischen Forschungsprogramm Horizon 2020 vorgelegt. KMU und Start-ups haben sich an über 400 Projekten beteiligt. Es könnten noch mehr sein.


20.09.2018 17:17

Addex Receives £1.2 million Funding from the Wellcome Trust

Addex joins a collaboration between leading UK neuroscientists, drug development experts which has been established to study the role of the main dopamine receptor, in human brain function with a grant from the Wellcome Trust. The receptor is believed to play a vital role in attention, concentration, as well as addiction to tobacco and other drugs.


05.09.2018 13:51

Cyber-security startup ARCATrust receives a FIT seed loan of CHF 100'000

The FIT jury chose to support ARCATrust in August 2018 with a CHF 100’000 FIT seed loan. Based in the EPFL Innovation Park, ARCATrust provides a novel general-purpose security platform for companies willing to store and manage their digital assets, such as crypto currencies or smart contracts, with the highest level of security.


03.09.2018 08:56

New funding scheme for deep tech start-ups

Gebert Rüf Stiftung launches InnoBooster. The goal of the new program is to substantially accelerate market entry of deep tech spin-offs, which have already entered the Venture Kick process. For this purpose, Gebert Rüf Stiftung reserved the sum of CHF 2.5 million per year, integrating the previous DesignPlus funding program.


23.08.2018 17:19

Technologiefonds unterstützt Sharing-Plattform für Ladestationen

Schon in 180 Orten lassen sich Ladestationen für Elektrofahrzeuge dank eCarUp mieten. Mit einer Darlehensbürgschaft vom Technologiefonds soll das Wachstum weiter vorangetrieben werden.


31.07.2018 08:55

FIT Digital funds five digital projects

FIT Digital aims to support entrepreneurs in the Canton of Vaud with digital projects. Five startups make up the first cohort that will benefit from the program. One project received a CHF 20'000 FIT Digital Grant and four received CHF 50’000 seed loan from FIT Digital Seed.


13.07.2018 14:24

The «First Ventures» program finances four projects

The Gebert Rüf Foundation has approved the first four project proposals from students of universities of applied sciences for the «First Ventures» program. Each project leader will receive CHF 150,000 in funding to establish a spin-off.

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02.10.2018 17:30 - 20:30

SECA Evening Event: Start-up Förderung ETH Dozentenfoyer, ETH Zürich


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01.10.2018 09:00 - 17:00

Business Creation ICT Gotham, Avenue d'Ouchy 4, 1006 Lausanne

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