06.11.2018 11:19

SME instrument to fund 23 Swiss startups

Each project supported by the SME Instrument will receive €50.000 to draft a business plan and validate the solution. Twenty-three startups from Switzerland are among the latest beneficiaries.

06.11.2018 10:34

Innosuisse launches impulse programme to promote digitalisation

The Federal Council’s 2019-2020 action plan to support digitalisation aims to ensure that Switzerland plays a leading role in developing and applying digital technologies. To this end, Innosuisse – the Swiss Innovation Agency – is implementing two measures: at the end of November 2018, it is launching the “Manufacturing Technologies” impulse programme and is promoting the digital transformation in the fields of energy and mobility via the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCERs).


30.10.2018 16:50

FIT Digital funds Oqtor and Logmind

In October 2018, the jury of FIT Digital chose to support two new artificial intelligence projects in the Canton of Vaud: Logmind and Oqtor. The first start-up developed a big data analysis platform based on artificial intelligence. The second is working on an innovative technology for automated design. Each project has been awarded a CHF 20’000 FIT Digital Grant.    


04.10.2018 08:27

CHF 100'000 for ASPIVIX

ASPIVIX is the newest winner of a FIT seed loan of CHF 100'000. The Lausanne based medtech startup develops a novel medical device for gynaecologists, which eases treatments and reduces pain as well as eventual trauma during interventions.


28.09.2018 09:19

SamanTree Medical receives EUR 2.3 million in funding under EU SME Instrument

SamanTree Medical’s system helps surgeons to distinguish healthy tissue from a tumour during surgery. The EU grant will be used to bring this breakthrough cancer margin assessment system to the market.


21.09.2018 09:49

Horizon 2020: 150 Millionen Franken für Schweizer KMU und Startups

Das Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation (SBFI) hat einen Bericht zur Beteiligung der Schweiz am europäischen Forschungsprogramm Horizon 2020 vorgelegt. KMU und Start-ups haben sich an über 400 Projekten beteiligt. Es könnten noch mehr sein.


20.09.2018 17:17

Addex Receives £1.2 million Funding from the Wellcome Trust

Addex joins a collaboration between leading UK neuroscientists, drug development experts which has been established to study the role of the main dopamine receptor, in human brain function with a grant from the Wellcome Trust. The receptor is believed to play a vital role in attention, concentration, as well as addiction to tobacco and other drugs.

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