20.11.2018 15:24

Joineer: Nach Pivot auf Wachstumskurs

Die Gründer des HR-Tech-Startups Joineer tun sich mit zwei erfahrenen Serienunternehmern zusammen. Für nächstes Jahr ist eine Finanzierungsrunde geplant.


19.11.2018 09:24

The first ski jacket eliminating sweat at the touch of a button

The premium Swiss sports apparel brand KJUS unveiled the word’s first garment to feature an electronic, user-controlled membrane. The technology actively pumps out sweat from inside the jacket. Developed and patented by the young Swiss technology company, Osmotex, Hydro Bot is the first significant innovation since membranes were introduced 40 years ago.


16.11.2018 14:43

Royal support for an app with Swiss technology inside

Children getting their first smartphone will be able to receive help staying safe online with a new ‘Own It’ app to be launched by the BBC. The app was announced yesterday at an event with Prince William and th Duchess of Cambridge. A Swiss start-up and its technology play an important role in the development of the app.


15.11.2018 16:44

Die Crypto-Bikes kommen

Die Blockchain gilt gemeinhin noch als etwas ungreifbares, das noch nicht im Alltag der breiten Bevölkerung angekommen ist. Nun hat die Stadt Zug gemeinsam mit dem Zürcher Startup AirBie ein Crypto-Bike-Sharing Projekt lanciert.


13.11.2018 17:00

More funds for fintech startups

The Zurich based financial services provider, Avaloq has launched the Avaloq venture capital fund to bolster innovation and growth of fintech startups with high growth potential. Avaloq ventures will also grant startups access to its client community comprising of over 150 banks and wealth managers worldwide.

13.11.2018 10:15

Now in market: Modum launches supply chain solution for pharma

Modum in collaboration with the Swiss Post and SAP have launched MODsense, a blockchain-based temperature-monitoring solution for quality-sensitive supply chains. MODsense enables outstanding ease-of -handling, immediate and secure access to data, and simple integration into existing operations.


06.11.2018 08:36

3Brain unveils a new technology neuroscientists have been waiting for

3D models of the brain have become a promising tool for understanding diseases and for drug development. However measuring the activity of neurons packed in a 3D environment is not easy. 3Brain's new Khíron chip - developed with the CSEM - now enables fast, accurate intra-tissue measurement and continuous nutrient and oxygen supply through all tissue layers for the first time.

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