Guest column by Dominic Spalinger and Remo Rohner

Why AlgoTruck failed

Dominic Spalinger and Remo Rohner share their experiences about how they failed with a promising business idea in the early stages by making mistakes in three core areas: the team, the MVP and the investors. They will share their story also at the Fuckup Nights Basel Vol XIV on 23 August.


Guest column by Samuel Scheer

What Switzerland can learn from Israel

Israel is a benchmark for start-up ecosystems worldwide. Samuel Scheer’s article focuses on possible learning for Switzerland but also on mutually beneficial collaboration projects.


Guest column by Sadik Hafizovic

From a Swiss lab to a worldwide leader in scientific instrumentation

In this article, Sadik Hafizovic, CEO and co-founder of Zurich Instruments tells the story of the start-up. He explains why he started the company despite doubts of some sceptics, how the start-up manages to grow without venture capital and that to his surprise advertisements in glossy publications have an impact.


Guest column by Fabian Pfortmüller

Likeminded people need stronger relationships

Every year organisers spend enormous amounts of money to bring an event to life, yet participants leave without developing resilient relationships. What the future needs, is more communities for a group of people who share values and nurture each other along the way (eds.).


Guest column by Jim Pulcrano

Blockchain Déjà Vu

Eight months ago I decided I needed to understand blockchain, as I was getting questions about it from executives in the classrooms of IMD, and I had nothing intelligent or even coherent to say to them. This article lays out what I’ve learned, what I think to be true, and the questions I still have. 


Guest column by Gian Reto à Porta, Christina Kehl, Urs Häusler, Thomas Brändle

Digitalisierung - Die Schweiz hat den kulturellen Sprung noch lange nicht geschafft

Die SFS-Vorstandsmitglieder sehen den konstruktiven Umgang mit dem Scheitern als wichtige kulturelle Voraussetzung für die Digitalisierung. Dass sich die Schweiz damit nach wie vor schwer tut, illustrieren die vier Mitglieder am Umgang mit Jan Schoch, dem Gründer von Leonteq und Flynt. 

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