09.08.2017 15:55

Zurich guarantees safety and equality to startup professionals

Nestpick has presented findings of the Startup Cities Index 2017 as basis for individuals to make informed decisions about the best cities to settle in as a startup professional. Zurich ranks 7th with the best score in safety followed by gender equality and healthcare quality.

09.08.2017 11:30

Over 230’000 users have a personal boutique with EyeFitU

EyeFitU, a shopping App that allows users to find their right sizes, continues to gain momentum. Since establishment the App has generated more than 230'000 downloads. Online shopping enthusiasts can look up clothes in their sizes from over 50 online stores in the UK, Germany, US and Switzerland. Isabelle Ohnemus CEO and founder provides more insights.


04.08.2017 14:27

„Raumfahrt ist ein 300 Milliarden Markt“

Seit knapp zwei Jahren ist der Berner Astrophysiker Thomas Zurbuchen Forschungschef der NASA. Zuvor baute er an der Universität von Michigan das Center for Entrepreneurship auf und begleitete hunderte von Startups. Wir haben uns mit Zurbuchen über Elon Musk, die Stärken der Schweiz als Produktionsstandort und die Ziele von Entrepreneurship-Kursen unterhalten.

04.08.2017 14:23

«L’aéronautique représente un marché de 300 milliards»

Depuis près de deux ans, l’astrophysicien bernois Thomas Zurbuchen dirige la recherche à la NASA. Auparavant, il fut fondateur du Center for Entrepreneurship à l’Université du Michigan, rôle dans lequel il accompagnait des centaines de start-ups. Nous avons eu l’occasion de discuter avec lui d’Elon Musk et de questions, telles que les points forts de la Suisse en tant que site de production et les objectifs des cours d’entrepreneuriat.

04.08.2017 09:01

Swiss Startup Ecosystem: Maturing but still challenges to tackle

During summer several blog posts and articles about the Swiss Startup ecosystem were published – by outsiders as well as by insiders. They provide a lot of insights and raise thought-provoking questions: Are Swiss founders not ambitious enough? Should more Swiss startups leave the country?


03.08.2017 11:20

Ask mAsk: Questions and Answers from people to people

The Basel Based startup Pocket Solutions AG has developed a free app mAsk, which allows users to ask questions and receive answers from verified users. The startup capitalizes on mechanisms and the advantage of human swarm intelligence to allow people to ask and respond to questions anonymously. 600 downloads have already been made.

03.08.2017 09:30

225 Swiss Video Games have already been released

The Swiss Developers Game Association has published a list of playable Swiss video games that have been released and those yet to be. While 225 games have already been released, 48 games are still under development. By 2016,  210 Swiss games were already on the market.

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