25.06.2018 15:40

From Tesla, Thomas Reuters and Schoeller to startups

Green Motion, WealthAc and Inofea have welcomed new members on their teams. The new hires have two things in common; they come from large esteemed organisations, and they are taking up sales positions.


21.06.2018 08:38

Weniger Steuern für Startup-Gründer und Mitarbeiter

Diese Woche hat die Wirtschaftskommission des Ständerats einer Initiative vom Zürcher Ständerat Ruedi Noser zugestimmt. Noser will einen einheitlichen Rahmen für die Besteuerung von Mitarbeiteraktien und –optionen bei Startups schaffen und die Belastung senken.  


20.06.2018 11:44

What Swiss start-ups learned in San Francisco

Twice a year, the swissnex SF Startup Camp brings together Swiss startups looking to make the jump over to the US. The next camp will take place in August. Over the years, some of the best Swiss start-ups came through the camps. Now the swissnex team has brought together eight central learnings for Swiss start-ups from the camps.


19.06.2018 10:54

Switzerland among the Top 5 in IMD’s Digital Competitiveness ranking

Today IMD published the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2018. Switzerland moves up in the overall ranking from 8th to 5th . Remaining challenges are described in detail in the report. The Top 3 countries are USA, Singapore and Sweden.

19.06.2018 09:55

Alternative energy for blockchain and crypto mining

Swiss Alps energy is the first company worldwide to provide solutions for environmentally friendly crypto mining that reduce power consumption by up to 50%. The startup capitalizes on over 1,400 hydropower plants and unused buildings in the Swiss Alps.


14.06.2018 15:45

DART17 launches a testing lab for AI, VR, MR & co.

The successful pilot project with Swiss startups has resulted in the official launch of DART17, a testing lab bringing together university projects and early-stage startups working on the next human-machine interfaces. Swiss startups can now apply to join the lab and further develop their projects in San Francisco.

14.06.2018 13:33

«Die Höhle der Löwen» kommt in die Schweiz

In den USA ist das Format unter dem Namen «Shark Tank» seit bald 10 Jahren ein Quotenhit. Der Unterhaltungssender TV24 holt die Gründershow nun in die Schweiz. Die erste Staffel von «Die Höhle der Löwen» soll im nächsten Jahr wöchentlich zur Primetime über die Bildschirme flimmern.

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28.06.2018 14:00 - 22:30

Female Innovation Forum BMW Group Brand Experience Center, Industriestrasse 11, Dielsdorf


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07.07.2018 13:00 - 18:00

Ethereum Meetup powered by Techcrunch Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2-4, Zug

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