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SWISSto12 and RUAG Space to supply advanced active antenna solutions

17.09.2018 09:45

The Vaud based Swissto12 providing antenna solutions based on additive manufacturing and RUAG Space, the leading supplier to the European and US space industry have signed a partnership agreement to supply active phased array antenna products.

SWISSto12 and RUAG are both committed to supplying future satellites missions, including constellations of telecommunication satellites with crucial antenna solutions. The collaboration will focus on the development, design and manufacturing of phased array antenna products that leverage the unique and complimentary offerings of both companies.

Active phased array antennas are a critical element of advanced telecommunication satellites, also known as high throughput satellites. Their increased performance is provided through electronically steered multiple beams – allowing for an optimal adjustable allocation of the satellite bandwidth to multiple users). This functionality requires a new type of antenna to provide the necessary earth coverage. Instead of the conventional fixed beam antennas, the active phased array antennas allow for wide area coverage with multiple simultaneous beams. These active antennas have the ability to change coverage in orbit with beam scanning capabilities within microseconds.

As part of this partnership, RUAG Space will contribute their expertise in active microwave modules, which the company develops and manufactures in the United States and Europe. SWISSto12, with their patented 3D printing technology, will provide innovative antenna system designs along with a manufacturing solution to 3D print the antenna in one highly integrated part combining, RF, mechanical and thermal functions. This approach allows for a high performance – at minimal cost and lead-time for manufacturing and integration.

Peter Guggenbach, CEO of RUAG Space, said: “We will offer upcoming constellation programs an antenna solution that is state-of-art, both in performance and price. We are excited to partner with SWISSto12 - and incubate this progress in our industry.”

Emile de Rijk, CEO SWISSto12, added: “SWISSto12 is very happy to collaborate with RUAG Space on bringing this disruptive active antenna product to the market. Both companies combining their expertise to offer a joint integrated product solution shows a perfect example of valuable collaboration in the satellite manufacturing value chain.”

About RUAG Space
With its headquarters in Bern, CHF 1.96 billion in revenues and over 9,200 employees, RUAG Space id the leading supplier to the space industry in Europe that develops and markets technology applications in the fields of aerospace and defense for use on land, in the air and in space.

About SWISSto12
Established as a spin-off of EPFL, the startup pioneers the development and industrial supply of Radio-Frequency (RF) antenna, waveguide and filter solutions  based on Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D printing). The company’s current focus is on the aerospace market where the performance, lead-time and weight advantages of its technology are paramount.

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