SamanTree Medical receives EUR 2.3 million in funding under EU SME Instrument

28.09.2018 09:19

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SamanTree Medical’s system helps surgeons to distinguish healthy tissue from a tumour during surgery. The EU grant will be used to bring this breakthrough cancer margin assessment system to the market.

The EIC (European Innovation Council) SME Instrument funding program is a very competitive process with 64 projects funded for 1280 proposals at the recent cutoff. SamanTree Medical has been awarded 2.3 million Euro in SME Phase 2 for the excellence of their product innovation with expected large societal impact.

“Beyond the material financial injection of 2.3 million euros and the visibility during closing of our current fundraising, it is a great source of motivation for our entire team to receive such expert recognition in improving decision making process during cancer treatment,” says Bastien Rachet, CEO and co-founder of SamanTree Medical.

In the breast conserving surgery, surgeons face the difficult tradeoff between preserving the patient’s healthy tissue while ensuring the complete tumor removal. The established medical need in rapid and accurate assessment during surgery is yet unmet, resulting in up to 30% reoperations. It is a company goal to provide a tool to surgeons and pathologist that will support their sensitive decision.

SamanTree Medical developed the Histolog Scanner, making cell morphology visualization as simple as copying a paper on a flatbed scanner. With the Histolog Scanner, the clinician is one touch-on-the-screen away from visualizing cancerous cell on a surgical specimen immediately during surgery.

The European grant will support company current efforts in promoting this new approach and in extending the services delivered to the cancer treatment team. “SamanTree Medical’s R&D team is thrilled to apply the advances in Artificial Intelligence to the unique images obtained with the Histolog Scanner,” says Etienne Shaffer, CTO and co-founder of SamanTree Medical.

“Patient’s best cancer treatment is the result of a team work and we pay particular attention to seamlessly integrate into this workflow while enhancing each actor capabilities,” emphasizes Bastien Rachet, “and we are proud to provide an alternative approach which conciliates the excellence of the gold standard cellular morphology inspection with the exigence of an assessment in the minutes in surgery”.

More information about the SME Instrument can be found on the Euresearch website.

(Press release / SK)

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