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Lunaphore and Menarini pave the way to one-day diagnosis

10.09.2018 08:30
Lunaphore LabSat

Lunaphore develops innovative devices for cancer tissue diagnostics. Its first product, LabSat Frozen, is an ultra-rapid automated tissue staining solution performing immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays in a few minutes. Menarini will bring LabSat Frozen to market.

Thanks to the breakthrough technology of LabSat Frozen, patients will be able to benefit from a faster, better and more personalized treatment starting in the operating room. Shorter turnaround times may provide clinical pathologists with higher degrees of responsiveness for urgent testing and enable IHC consultation during biopsy procedures.

Lunaphore Technologies teamed up with A. Menarini Diagnostics S.r.l. for bringing the solution to the market. A. Menarini Diagnostics belongs to the Menarini Pharmaceutical Group, founded in 1886 and established in Florence in 1915. Today it is present in 136 countries throughout the world and counts 17,000 employees with a turnover of over € 3,6 billion in 2017.

Lunaphore’s CEO, Ata Tuna Ciftlik, commented: “Menarini has not only a long-rooted experience across the entire tissue diagnostics market, but also an impressive understanding of the frozen sections segment. Their complementary product portfolio, their expertise in introducing innovative automation systems as well as their passionate sales and marketing teams, naturally made Menarini the best partner of choice”. He added “Menarini will bring our first product LabSat to pathologists while Lunaphore will continue providing highly innovative solutions. A perfect match”.

Menarini Diagnostics’ GM, Fabio Piazzalunga, said: “The Menarini Group is making important investments in oncology and this agreement confirms the commitment of the company in this field. A. Menarini Diagnostics has extensive experience in anatomical pathology and immunohistochemistry and, at the same time, it has always focused its activity on high-tech solutions bringing innovation into the IVD field. Lunaphore Technologies perfectly suits our strategic decision to consolidate our position in the cell pathology space, following Menarini Group’s efforts and investments towards better therapies and solutions for cancer.” He added “Lunaphore and Menarini will together offer a unique solution to pathologists for a more accurate diagnosis, starting from the crucial segment of the frozen sections”.


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