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Atomico and Keen Venture Partners lead Beekeeper’s $13m round

11.09.2018 09:50

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Zurich and San Francisco based Beekeeper has raised USD13 million lead by Atomico and Keen Venture Partners. The startup built a digital workplace app to enhance communication between non-desk workers and managers and is global market leader.

Together with Atomico and Keen Venture Partners, other investment firms including Samsung NEXT, Edenred Capital Partners, Swiss Post, existing investors FYRFLY Venture Partners and investiere also participated in the round. This brings the total raised by Beekeeper to around $26m.

Beekeeper built a secure communication and operations platform for non-desk based and on-demand workers. Their app enables companies to keep track of messages sent between workers with secure messages as an alternative to email, thereby promoting higher team engagement, a more cohesive culture and reduced turnover. The app is equipped with machine translation technology such that employees and managers can communicate across languages and geographies.

Beneficiaries of the solution include companies from diverse business industries including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, construction, transport and logistics, food production, NGOs and healthcare. Available in 130 countries, the startup already serves a wide range of customers including Heathrow Airport and Marriot Hotels who use the app to manage their flexible, mobile staff.

Atomico, a firm that supports founders that use technology to connect the world towards something better for as many people as possible, says: “We were impressed to see the team realize the importance of building security, compliance, and integration at the core of the app. We look forward to helping Beekeeper to build the category winning company we see them being. Now, more than ever, it is critical that non-knowledge workers are not left behind by the digital transformation occurring absolutely everywhere.”

Aiming for an IPO
Beekeeper's CEO Cristian Grossmann was recently interviewed for the Top 100 Startup Magazine which was published last week. He mentions Beekeeper's huge market with 2 billion non des workers worldwide. Beekeeper has therefore a huge growth potential. Asked about the exit options for Beekeeper Cristian Grossmann said in this interview: "A company that’s number one in a large, international market should be listed on the stock market." 


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