Venture capital firms expand investment offer for startups

06.09.2017 15:55

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Two venture capital firms announced the extension of their investment offering for startups. The Swiss listed investment firm 5EL SA has already added blockchain business unit “5EL Blockchain Lab” while Polytech Ecosystems Ventures is currently soliciting CHF 100 million for its future investments for Swiss and European hightech startups.

 In an interview with Patrick Stahl co-organizer of the Investor Summit Liechtenstein, Alexander Fries, managing partner at the early stage venture capital firm Polytech Ecosystems Ventures with headquarters in Lausanne and in Silicon Valley, announced that the firm is expanding its investment offering. Since its establishment in 2016, Polytech Ecosystem Ventures, has raised a sum of 40 million Swiss francs. Part of the funds was invested in 22 startups last year and in 11 startups this year.

To-date, the firm plans to broaden its investment offering with a new fund called “Polytech Ecosystem Ventures II” by 2018. For this new fund, the firm aims to raise a sum of CHF 100 million. The new funds will be invested in 50 to 60 Swiss and European startups specialising autonomous driving technology as well as Fintech, Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Retail Tech, Property Tech and Internet of things.

Alexander Fries will be attending the Investors summit Liechtenstein on 2 November 2017 as the Key note speaker.

Investment firm launches blockchain lab
Based in Lausanne and New York, 5EL SA invests in, owns and operates a highly synergetic portfolio of businesses in digital content, online marketing and advertising space and other applications of potentially disruptive digital technologies in traditional industries.

During their annual board meeting on 1 September, the firm approved the expansion of 5EL SA into commercial applications of blockchain technology in sports, entertainment, personal finance and art industry space through the introduction of a new business unit called “5EL Blockchain Lab”.

The Lab will operate from the Company’s offices in Lausanne and in New York, enabling their early adoption of blockchain technology and will manage all of 5EL ongoing investments in blockchain, crypto-currencies and data protection space going forward.

“5EL Blockchain Lab allows for a better use of our technology and resources as we are preparing to deploy various commercial applications in personal finance and art industry space,” commented Serge Umansky, the Chairman of 5EL SA who is also overseeing 5EL Blockchain Lab.

Pic: nattanan23/Pixabay


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