The UBS Future of Finance Challenge reveals the finalists

19.09.2017 08:40

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The global UBS Future of Finance Challenge supports start-ups,  established and growing companies which have potential to change the way finance works and how banks meet their clients’ needs. Three Swiss companies have been selected as regional finalists: Wealthinitiative, Inpher and eWise. Following the mentorship program, four regional winners will be selected and awarded a cash prize of  $80,000 each. Up to $200,000 to fund proof-of-concept will also be awarded.

The UBS Future of Finance Challenge is a competition open to Fintech companies around the world, through which UBS looks for innovative and potentially disruptive technological ideas and solutions that will support the transformation of the banking industry. Participants will have the chance to scale their ideas and technologies by leveraging upon UBS’s global presence, deep expertise in global banking and ecosystem of innovation partners. Rewards for the regional finalists include USD 80,000 of cash prizes, up to USD 200,000 to fund 'proof-of-concept'/ pilot opportunities, and over 250 hours of dedicated coaching and mentoring from UBS experts and partners.

Swiss regional finalists include:

Wealth-Initiative – offers a platform to enable wealth management institutions to internally match their clients’ requests in the strategic areas of Real Estate, Art, Passion Investments and business deals. The company provides professionals with an intuitive interface and cutting edge functionalities, allowing them to reduce transaction costs by cutting out intermediaries, while providing enhanced confidentiality and a more efficient way for these professionals to meet their clients’ needs. WealthInitiative’s offering is designed for wealth management institutions, asset management firms and family offices globally, and allows efficient, confidential and secure trading of assets on behalf of their high net worth clients.

Inpher – Inpher's XOR Secret Computing Engine is able to maintain encrypted data while running on algorithms for analysis and machine learning while respecting the applied jurisdiction in data processing and regulation such as GDPR. As a finalist of the UBS Future of Finance Challenge, Inpher will present the capabilities of Secret Computing to address myriad challenges facing Investment Banking, including; Facilitation of data science, knowledge sharing and insight, Machine Learning in capital markets and Regulatory compliance, particularly with MiFID, GDPR and PSD2

eWise –  with offices across Europe, Asia and Australia, eWise is a leading international provider of Personal Financial Management (PFM) and Account Aggregation solutions that allow users to privately and securely aggregate, store, manage and share their personal financial information through Aegis, the data aggregation platform. eWise does not share its clients’sensitive login credentials with a third-party server. All sensitive data is encrypted and securely stored in the Personal Data Vault (PDV) which is installed onto the device of the customer (desktop/laptop/mobile/tablet) the first time the end-customer logs in.

All regional finalists will benefit from over 250 hours of dedicated coaching and mentoring from experience technology and business leaders. At the end of the mentoring program four regional winners will be selected and a awarded a cash prize of CHF 20’000 each. Moreover, participants selected for the proof-of-Concept will receive funding of up to $200,000

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