SwissDeCode World’s 1st Portable Porc DNA test commercialized

07.09.2017 14:15
SwissDeCode DNAFoil

SwissDeCode set a global DNA testing milestone this week with the commercialization of the world’s first portable, completely self-administered DNA test, the only test empowering your staff to confirm supply chain integrity in 30 minutes with no disruption to existing workflows. The first product of the startup based in Renens detects pork DNA for on-site, real-time benefit of halal and kosher supply chains.

SwissDeCode puts the power of purity in the hand of supply chains, reduces cycle times and liberates them from lab fees with breakthrough technology that can detect targeted DNA in concentrations of 0.01% without a lab. The first product in SwissDeCode’s leading-edge DNAFoil detects pork DNA for on-site, real-time benefit of halal and kosher supply chains.

“DNAFoil’s first tool on the market is game-changing, allowing production lines to easily and reliably ensure the purity of their products at every touch point.” says Brij Sahi, CEO and Co-Founder

SwissDeCode's solution eliminates product recall and facility contamination with its agile, where-you-want-it insight of DNAFoil – the only tool ready when you need it to help protect brand and company reputation. SwissDeCode products allow your organization to spot check anywhere along the supply chain for conformity and production standard compliance., with no disruption to production lines.

The startup based at the Ateliers de Renens has already in its DNAFoil pipeline other tests. The company will be bringing to market a Salmonella test in the first quarter of 2018. An E. Coli test foil will follow in in the second and a Listeria in the second part of next year. 

SwissDeCode technology is built on leading-edge research from the University of Geneva. SwissDeCode tools and processes are recognized with label approval by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation. The startup has already been awarded a Gold prize by an innovation accelerator supported by Switzerland’s food supply chain global leaders. 


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