Joulia is the first Swiss winner of the Creative Business Cup

07.09.2017 17:28
Joulia heat exchanger

Joulia has developed a heat exchanger for shower drains and trays. The start-up based in Biel-Bienne has convinced the jury of the Creative Business Cup Competition Switzerland in all the selection criteria as Business Concept, Creativity, Market potential and overall impression.

Creative Business Cup is an international competition and support programme for creative entrepreneurs. Each year National Partners around the world host national Creative Business Cup competitions. National winners from around the world compete against each other at Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark, each November during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Creative Hub has recently become National Partner of the competition so that it is now open for Swiss entrepreneurs. 

The first Swiss winner is Joulia. Joulia's oung team, an interesting mix of professions and talents cut no corners in turning a bold idea into a mature concept and finally a product with great market potential. They say: most people don’t realize the amount of energy that is contained in the warm shower water. For example, in modern apartments, as much energy is needed for hot water production as for heating the entire living space. And one eight-minute shower uses energy equivalent to climbing the Eiffel Tower 55-times. Their solution is a heat exchanger. The functional principle of the Joulia technology: we extract the thermal energy from the used shower water and use it to heat the incoming cold water. As a result, this water is much warmer when it arrives at the mixing valve, and less hot water needs to be mixed in to produce a comfortable shower temperature.

Joulia developed a high efficient, double walled and therefore drinking water certified heat exchanger, that is fully integrated in a slim shower drain channel, invisible from outside, easy to install and to clean, fully replaceable without tools, with the same product measurements as other drains without a heat exchanger. Thanks to the high efficiency of up to 42% and accountable for low energy building standards (like MuKEn, Minergie) the payback time is less than 3 years. Users save up to 1,000 kWh per year in a 4-person household.

The Creative Hub as the national partner of the Creative Business Cup is very proud and happy to send this budding startup to Copenhagen mid-November to be part of the international Creative Business Cup Finals. The Creative Business Cup empowers entrepreneurs in the creative industries, connects them to investors and global markets and strengthens their innovative capabilities to the benefit of industry and society.


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