SICTIC Fintech Angels partners with FINTECH Circle

29.09.2016 08:55

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During SIBOS 2016 in Geneva the investor club vertical SICTIC Fintech Angels announced a partnership with FINTECH Circle, the leading Fintech Community of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Intrapreneurs, based in London. The two parties aim at further strengthening the Fintech ecosystem.

This cooperation will allow both, members of SICTIC Fintech Angels as well as members of FINTECH Circle to get all membership benefits of the respective partner. This not only includes participation in events to the same conditions native members can participate, but also full access to the deal flow and investment opportunities arising from it. Also startups benefit - should they choose to do so - by submitting their pitch application to both organisations at once. This will give the startups international exposure with the same convenience they had previously exposure at a national level.

The close cooperation between SICTIC Fintech Angels and FINTECH Circle will further lead to the successful Fintech Tours to be brought to Switzerland. These tours give startups unprecedented access to investors in the entire country and have been a hallmark of FINTECH Circle for years. Equipped with this first-hand knowledge, SICTIC Fintech Angels will organise Fintech Tours in Switzerland together with its founding partners and furthermore enable Swiss startups to partake in its UK equivalent.

Startups are encouraged to sign up for the Swiss Fintech Investor Day, a matchmaking event where 12 Swiss Fintech startups pitch to find experienced smart money investors. The event is the largest of its kind and is organized by SICTIC Fintech Angels together with over 20 ecosystem partners and FINTECH Circle. Registration for startups is now open until October 2, 2016.

About SICTIC Fintech Angels
The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) is the fastest growing non-profit angel investor association under Swiss law that connects smart money investors to seed and early stage tech startups based in Switzerland. It is open to anyone interested in "Angel Investing" and takes neither fees nor equity for deals that it facilitates. SICTIC Fintech Angels (SFA) is a new vertical in the SICTIC Investor Community dedicated to Fintech startups.

About FINTECH Circle
The FINTECH Circle Angel Network is Europe's 1st Angel network focused exclusively on fintech based in London, UK. FINTECH Circle also runs a global fintech community with more than 16,000 members worldwide and is part of the FINTECH Group which also includes the advisory practise "FINTECH Circle Innovate" and the Bestseller "The FINTECH Book" with a combined Twitter presence of more than 32,000 global followers.

(Picture: Sibos Flickr)

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