24 Swiss FinTech start-ups featured at the world's largest financial services event

23.09.2016 09:04

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Twenty-four Swiss FinTech start-ups will present their innovative solutions to the global financial community next week at the “Swiss FinTech Corner” at the Sibos convention in Geneva. Arranged through a public-private partnership, the booth provided by the event organizer aims to promote the excellence of innovative financial technology in Switzerland.

From e-banking apps on our smartphones to contactless payment and cryptocurrency, FinTech, or financial technology, is already part of our daily lives. This rapidly developing field offers exciting opportunities for the financial industry worldwide. In Switzerland, the FinTech ecosystem comprises dozens of start-ups with a unique expertise. To promote their excellence and innovativeness, in partnership with the Geneva Financial Center, AlpICT, Barclays, Temenos and the Swiss FinTech Association, and with the support of Sibos, the Canton of Geneva is hosting a “Swiss FinTech Corner” (booth G54) within the Swiss Lounge (G60) at Palexpo, which will welcome 24 FinTech start-ups.

Presentations by the 24 FinTech start-ups participating in the “Swiss FinTech corner” (booth G54) will take place on the following days:

Mon September 26
eWise, ForestFinance, IBT, InvestGlass, Monetas, NetGuardians, OneVisage, Squirro

Tue September 27
GlobalDataExcellence, GoBeyond, Qumram, Investivity, IODD, Lykke, WealthArc, WeCan.Fund

Wed September 28
b-Sharpe, Innomatika, Qumram, Soft-Finance, Squirro, Validity, Labs, WealthInitiative, Monetas

Thu September 29
Atracsys, eWise, FinGraphs, GoBeyond, Inpher, NetGuardians, Soft-Finance, WealthArc

“Switzerland has an incredible potential to emerge on the global stage as a leader in innovative financial services. The presence of a first-rate financial centre combined with leading-edge infrastructure, research institutions and technology incubators, creates ideal conditions. The presence of Sibos in Geneva offers a unique opportunity to highlight our expertise in financial technology and advertise our excellence to an international audience,” said Geneva State Councillor Pierre Maudet, who spearheaded the initiative.

According to Yves Mirabaud, President of the Geneva Financial Center, “The Geneva financial sector has many strengths, which will enable it to take the lead in the digital revolution currently underway. Geneva stands out for its infrastructure and experience in data management. Thanks to the commitment of its financial institutions, FinTech start-ups and favourable framework conditions, the Geneva financial centre is ideally poised to make innovation its trademark.”

About Sibos
Organised by SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services, Sibos is the world’s largest financial services event. Around 8,000 participants from large international financial institutions are expected at the convention, which kicks off on September 26 in Geneva.

(Press release)

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