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Renewables assets under full control

22.09.2015 09:51

Zurich-based startup Nìspera announced the launch of its services that enable renewable asset stakeholders to enhance the performance of their investments. The company was founded by 7 former Axpo employees.

“There is a large potential to increase the performance of wind power plants and solar parks, with customers asking for support irrespective of whether their assets are in a feed-in-tariff regime or on the free market,” explains CEO Gianmarco Pizza. 

The solutions developed by Nispera are extremely flexible and adaptive to the needs of the customer.  The challenge Nispera takes, in cooperation with its customers, is to advise and support them in order to capture the full potential of the available renewable resources (wind and solar radiation) thus improving the operational and commercial performance of the assets. 

The Unique Selling Proposition of Nispera is to make accessible also to medium and smaller players the professional utility-approach in optimizing the whole asset value chain, from the power generation to the trading activities. This is achieved by providing state-of-the-art tools and analysis systems as well as specialized know-how and processes in a “lean way”, meaning without big investments in people and infrastructure. 

The solutions offered span from Portfolio Monitoring, which allow the asset owners to easily track the performance of their assets without any software or dedicated hardware to Asset Management that is aimed at supporting owners to ensure industry-best-practice (from a technical management point of view) is attained, including the Forecasting activity required for efficient wind and solar power integration within the energy market. In addition, Nìspera provides customized solutions for the power industry in the areas of process optimization, origination support, data management and analysis.

Apart from the bespoke solutions, which are customized to the needs of the clients, the core of the business model is scalable since it is based on highly automized processes running on scalable cloud resources.

About Nispera
Nispera was founded as a startup by a cohesive team of highly experienced professionals who forged their efficient cooperation during previous employment within a Swiss-based pan-European power utility. With its unique IT competence, comprehensive record of accomplishments in the power sector and in-depth market knowledge of its senior advisory board, Nispera stands out as a leading supplier of advice on performance enhancements for your business. Its setup provides high flexibility in accessing new markets, together with fast response to Client demands.

Picture: Christina Miguel,

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More news about Nispera
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