The Perils of Man wins SGDA Swiss Game Award

19.09.2014 10:19

The Perils of Man, the first game by the studio IF Games, is the winner of the second SGDA Swiss Game Award. The award ceremony took place yesterday as part of the Ludicous game festival. The audience award went to The Firm by Sunnyside Games.

The SGDA Swiss Game Award is the first game developers award of Switzerland and celebrates projects that have put the Swiss game industry on the radar. The award honours innovation in form of novel and disruptive ideas in the digital media sector: playable games (all styles, genres and target platforms), services, middlewares, innovative collaborations, cutting-edge marketing ideas, groundbreaking commissioned or advertising productions as well as new collectives.

At the award gala yesterday the prize went to IF Games for The Perils of Man. The winner receives CHF 2000 and a 2-year SGDA membership. The Perils of Man centers around a captivating story about a teenage girl who is thrown into a hidden world of time‐travel, global catastrophe and personal triumph when she uncovers a lost technology with the potential to eliminate all the uncertainties of life. Perils of Man is the first release from the brand new game studio IF Games. “For our debut game, we decided on the adventure genre,” explains IF Games co‐founder Michael Huber, “– games that remind us of the ones we played when growing up ourselves.”

The audience award went to Sunnyside Games for THE FIRM. THE FIRM is a videogame about traders working in big corporation. Every decision will be evaluated and has an impact on profits. The game was released in August and reached 45’000 downloads in less than two weeks.

The SGDA Swiss Game Award was the first event of the Ludicious Game Festival. The Festival runs until Sunday and has a very interesting program for occasional gamers as well as for start-ups active in the game industry.

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