Lemoptix Breaks another Projection Display Performance Record

30.09.2014 09:06

Lemoptix engineering team recently broke yet another projection display record, achieving 30 lumens image brightness with a MEMS laser scanning microprojector. This is clearly better than any product on the market.

Nicolas Abelé, CTO and Co-Founder of the Lausanne based Lemoptix, says “by optimizing MEMS mirror design, laser controls and light losses, we offer a projection brightness that is 30%-50% better than anything else we see on the market today”. Abelé adds “with lasers always on and white balance images we attained as much as 37 lumens. During projection, where no image was projected during the mirror fly-back to its original position, we attained unprecedented 30 lumens”. Lemoptix has already begun shipping evaluation units of these new projector modules to leading technology companies.

 Early this year, Lemoptix demonstrated the world’s smallest optical engine for laser microprojectors with unparalleled speckle reduction, display resolution and luminosity at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas, USA. During AWE Conference, May 2014 in Santa Clara, CA, USA, Lemoptix showcased a smartglasses prototype that includes direct retina projection, a patented holographic combiner that may have the look-and-feel and form-factor of designer eyewear.

Lemoptix enables next generation mobile human/machine interaction and augmented reality with its patented MEMS laser scanning micro projection technology and solutions. Applications of Lemoptix technology range from automotive head up displays (HUD) to embedded projectors in smartphones and low power wearable displays and 3D sensing. Lemoptix has developed multidisciplinary and world-leading expertise in MEMS-mirror modelling, design and fabrication; system and module development, including optical and electronics subsystems.

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