Creoptix AG announces the launch of its WAVE system

08.09.2014 08:26

Molecular interactions play a decisive role in nearly all biological and medical aspects. Creoptix AG launches Creoptix WAVE, a system for the high-sensitive label-free analysis of those molecular interactions. The WAVE system addresses the needs of pharmaceutical and life science researchers. New data demonstrates the exceptional high sensitivity and resolution of the system.

Whether it is between a new drug candidate and its drug target or proteins in a signaling cascade the understanding and analysis of molecular interactions is of utmost importance in today’s life science, medical and pharmaceutical research and development. The increasing demand of high accurate data and novel applications, such as fragment-based drug discovery or development of biologics, require instruments with sensitivities superior than existing technologies at improved robustness and reliability.

With the Creoptix WAVE a new system is now launched which takes advantage of the intrinsically most sensitive opto-physical principle for the analysis of molecular interactions, the waveguide-based interferometry. Though waveguide-based interferometry and its advantages are known since decades, its implementation into a broadly applicable instrument has not been achieved so far. Based on Creoptix’ patented technology, it now is the first time that waveguide-based interferometry becomes available as a versatile, automatized and easy-to-use while highly performant instrument of outstanding sensitivity.

With the WAVE system, Creoptix furthermore introduces a clever disposable sensor chip with fully integrated microfluidics. The microfluidics can hence easily be replaced by the user in case of clogging or damage by aggressive reagents. This saves precious time and costs and eliminates the dependence on external service support. Creoptix WAVE is designed for all kind of label-free interaction measurements, such as for generating kinetic, affinity, specificity or concentration data. Due to its performance and high resolution at even low signal levels it is especially addressing applications with a need for high sensitivity, such as analysing very small molecules like in fragment based drug screening, or when low concentrations are required to save precious reagents or to avoid avidity effects in antibody studies. Creoptix WAVE is supported by intuitive software enabling experimental set-up, real-time observation and data evaluation in one program. Raw data are available in an easily exportable xml-format, compatible with standard data handling and warehouse softwares.

Ddata highlighting the high resolution of the Creoptix system
The carbonic anhydrase system is an established known reference system in the field of label-free molecular interactions and therefore allows optimal benchmarking. The compelling data have led to Creoptix’ first application note to be published as “Small Molecule Kinetics”. The application note can be downloaded from the Company’s website.

“These data demonstrate the outstanding sensitivity of our WAVE-system. Especially the high resolution observed with methlysulfonamide is exceptional,” said Dr. Kaspar Cottier, CTO and founder of Creoptix AG. “With the WAVE-system, we provide a solution for today’s increasingly demanding applications in the drug discovery industry, like fragment-based screening or characterization of weak interactions.”

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