Uepaa! Wins World Summit Award

13.09.2013 09:26

The goal of the World Summit Award is to select the world's most outstanding e-Content. On a biennial basis, it awards e-Content that contributes to a true knowledge society and promotes it at a global congress. This year Uepaa! is one of the winners.

In 2003, the United Nations held the first World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva. The declared aim of the conference was to make Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessible to everyone and to bridge the digital divide. The World Summit Award (WSA) was established as a means to achieve these goals. The international event selects and promotes the world’s most outstanding e-Content with the target of turning it into shared knowledge. So far, the WSA has been working on putting the UN-WSIS goals into action for more than ten years.

This year Uepaa! is one of the winners of the award. The team will be invited to the WSA World Congress 2013 including pitching sessions, awarding ceremony and project exhibition booth and the start-up will get access to the WSA network of experts and industry leaders in over 160 countries. Uepaa! ist the first Swiss company to win the World Summit Award.

Uepaa! is a multi-award winning startup that is pioneering the next level of outdoor safety. Launched in summer 2013, the Uepaa! app is developed with Swiss passion and in close collaboration with REGA, Swisscom, Mammut and Bergportal. The Uepaa! app turns the smartphone of more than 25 million outdoor users into an alpine tracking, alerting and rescue device by using a disruptive wireless phone to phone (mesh-) communication technology developed by ETH Zürich.

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