Two start-ups enable secure and innovative payment service

20.09.2013 13:51

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CashSentinel SA and Sysmosoft SA are pleased to announce the signature of a commercial partnership to secure the iPhone version of CashSentinel’s innovative payment service using Sysmosoft’s award-winning security framework Sense.

“We looked at several solutions and Sysmosoft’s Sense was the best choice to address our security requirements. Sense allows us to focus on building a great payment service while ensuring the best possible security level. Sense is already securing critical business apps of several banks and allows us to bring the same level of security to our clients”, says Sylvain Bertolus, CashSentinel’s CEO.

Sysmosoft is proud to be embedded within the innovative payment service provided by CashSentinel. “Sense helps companies to quickly deliver business critical mobile apps without compromising their security. This partnership with CashSentinel shows the potential of the Sense technology and growing need for mobile security. Through CashSentinel, Sense will help people complete critical transactions with unprecedented levels of flexibility, ease of use and safety“, says Julien Probst, Sysmosoft’s CEO.

CashSentinel SA was founded in 2012 in Yverdon-les-Bains to develop and market an innovative mobile payment solution in Switzerland. Supported by SPECo (Vaud Canton) and Venture Kick, the company is preparing the rollout of an all-new payment concept which is at the crossroads of an escrow agent and mobile wallet. CashSentinel is a member of the SRO PolyReg and is an authorized Financial Intermediary as defined by Article 2, Para 3 of the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

Sysmosoft SA was founded in 2010 in Yverdon-les-Bains and is specialized in providing highly secured solutions for mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. Sysmosoft was founded on the conviction that new mobile technologies would fundamentally change how organizations conducted their business. Sysmosoft mission is to enable companies to increase their competitiveness by embracing mobility without compromising their security or user personal experience.

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