Naviswiss announces first closing of a financing round

10.09.2013 10:20

Naviswiss, a company focussed on the development and commercialisation of innovative optical measuring, tracking and navigation systems for medical applications, is raising new capital to finish the development of its miniaturized, multifunctional 3D measurement and navigation system CLIPON. The start-up announced a first closing of its financing round.

Naviswiss develops and commercializes a new generation of handheld, miniaturized and easy-to-use surgical measurement and navigation systems. The systems are like a GPS for surgeons that allow to better and more quickly position the implants during orthopaedic replacement operations (e.g. hip and knee replacements).

With CLIPON Naviswiss is developing the first instrument-mounted device which

  • shortens operation time
  • improves the operational outcome
  • allows immediate quality control
  • and reduces the risk of implant revisions.

The first target market segments of the Naviswiss CLIPON system are hip and knee replacements. In each of these surgical applications correct positioning of the implants is of utmost importance. In order to speed-up patient recovery after a joint replacement minimal invasive operation techniques are applied. Though as consequence the visual orientation of the surgeon is strongly affected and handicapped. Even the most experienced surgeons would like to have a measurement system which supports them in their effort to correctly position the implants, based on the individual physiognomy of the patient’s skeleton. A navigation system comparable to a GPS for cars is needed for surgeons to allow them to navigate their surgical instruments with higher precision.

The financing round will allow Naviswiss to finish the development of CLIPON. The company announced a first closing recently.

Naviswiss was founded in 2007 and is based in Laufen (AG). The company is a spin-off of IFE Industrielle Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH, Laufen (Switzerland), a high tech product developing company for third parties. It can build on yearlong experience in developing optical systems for measuring, imaging and welding.

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