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CatchMyPain - first clinical trial is starting soon

11.09.2012 14:10

Sanovation develops a chronic pain diary called CatchMyPain. The first clinical trial will start in October. The start-up is looking for sponsors for the tablet computers used in this trial.

In October the Swiss start-up Sanovation will start a clinical trial together with the hospital of Valens. Fifty patients and their doctors are going to test the tablet version of the pain diary developed by the young company. The diary called CatchMyPain allows the detailed description of pain problems by using pain drawings. Physicians will use these drawings as a basis for discussions with their patients and will better understand the pain sensations.
In the long term, the information collected with the diary will be used to gain new insights into the efficient treatment of chronic pain.
Patients and physicians at the hospital of Valens will use the diary for two weeks. In total, the clinical will last three months. It is supported by CTI and the Hasler Stiftung.
Sanovation is looking for sponsors who would like to support the quest against pain by taking care of the costs for the tablets. More information about the clinical trial and the sponsoring opportunity is available at:

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