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Trekksoft Group is continuing its expansion

04.10.2018 10:09
Ski school

TrekkSoft Group has acquired Waldhart Software GmbH, the leading software provider for ski schools in Europe. Its the third acquisition of the Swiss Group which was formed with the aim to build a collective of successful tourism vertical software companies.

With headquarters in Austria, Waldhart Software has built a solid reputation over 20 years, providing booking and management software to more than 300 ski schools around the world. Hannes Waldhart, Founder of Waldhart Software, will remain in his position as Managing Director of the business, joined by 23 existing employees located at their HQ in Pfaffenhofen, Tirol.

TrekkSoft Group is a collective of successful tourism vertical software companies and has its headquarters in Switzerland. Run by entrepreneurial founders, the group aims to provide long-term integration and support to SMEs providing software solutions. In 2017, the company also acquired Digitickets Ltd, a leading software company for theme parks and attractions with headquarters in the UK.

Hannes Waldhart said of the acquisition: "I am delighted for Waldhart Software to be part of the TrekkSoft Group. The wealth of knowledge, capital and synergies of the group is important for us to achieve future growth. Plus, access to the international offices and resources will assist with further expansion.

Philippe Willi, CEO & Co-Founder of TrekkSoft Group added: "We were instantly impressed with the strong and successful company Hannes has built and I am thrilled that we can strengthen our presence in the winter products industry. At TrekkSoft Group, we are excited to continue the acquisition of likeminded tourism software solutions to offer the capital and expertise to help grow businesses internationally.

TrekkSoft was founded in 2010 to provide a booking solution for the tour and activities market. It quickly grew to be largest provider of booking and channel management software to tour and activity providers in Europe and is represented in more than 130 countries around the world. TrekkSoft Group was formed in 2017 with the aim to build and develop software companies to better serve medium to large organisations in the Tourism Industry. In addition it has created an ecosystem of internal products to primarily serve the activity industry, including TrekkSoft (the leading booking & distribution software in Europe), (the SaaS platform and marketplaces payments expert) and ExperienceBank.Travel (offering channel management for experiences worldwide).

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