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Ukraine relies on Swiss clean technology

08.10.2018 10:45
Designergy and the Ukraine National Reserve

Cleantech startup Designergy has signed a cooperation agreement with the Ukraine National Reserve for the installation of the startup’s TCR system on 50,000 square meters. These will be developed over the next two years.

Designergy’s TCR system is a fully integrated PLUG-IN roofing system that combines all the roofing requirements such as waterproofing, insulation, supporting structure and integrated solar within a modular compact module. The system can be installed in a one-step process, which contributes to both time and money saving. Additionally, the system allows the end installer to produce and sell energy with a shorter investment payback time as opposed to other systems.

Recently, the startup signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ukraine National Reserve for the installation of the startup’s TCR system on 50,000 square meters that will be developed over the next two years. Considering the state of the agreement and the serious intention of local authorities, Designergy aims to begin with the first installation in 2019.

The opportunity came after an initial installation of 1’000 square meters near the Ukrainian airport with the company called Extreme, as Daniel Lepori CEO of Designergy reported. During the previous year, the startup had been intensively working with the Ukrainian local authorities in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Kiev.

Designergy sees great potential for development in Ukraine because of the urgent need of renewal of infrastructure and a lack of funds for investment. Lepori says, "thanks to our system that provides an income and a return on capital, our product becomes very interesting especially in a country where there are few investment alternatives with a substantial return”.

New milestones and development
Initially, Designergy specialized in the development of the TCR module for SME and individuals. On 20th June 2017, the startup was successful at installing it system on 6’500 square meters, the largest installment in Ticino, in collaboration with Kessel Immobiliare and AIL. Thanks to the proven efficiency and efficacy of the solution on significant dimensions, Designergy has now created two additional branches.

The first focus is on large projects delivered with a turnkey solution, empowered by the “Supermodule”, where Designergy can exploit the full potential of the large-scale TCR solution. The second focus is on delivering only the material of its multi-patented system for small installations of lower than 300 square meters.


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