ProtonVPN and Mozilla Firefox advocate for internet privacy

23.10.2018 11:50

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Over one million internet users worldwide surf the internet safely using ProtonVPN. The startup has now joined forces with Mozilla to make the Firefox web browser more secure for Mozilla’s 300 million users.

ProtonVPN is dedicated to developing and distributing tools to ensure for user online security and privacy. Since ist establishment in 2014, ProtonVPN’s audience has expanded substantially, and today the company protects nearly one million users worldwide. With over three billion Internet users, the startup has more opportunities to provide online security for all.

The startup has announced a partnership with Mozilla, the company known for the Firefox web browser. Through their open source projects such as the Firefox web browser, Mozilla has long advocated strong security practices and has been a leading voice in fighting for privacy rights. Thanks to their common values and principles, Mozilla and ProtonVPN embark on a joint journey to make the internet safer for a wider audience.

The Mozilla and ProtonVPN partnership is an experiment in finding new ways to keep Internet users safe while simultaneously ensuring that open source and non-profit software development gets the resources that it deserves.

As part of the experiment, a small group of randomly selected US-based Firefox users will receive a recommendation to get better online privacy with a ProtonVPN subscription. The subscriptions will be billed directly by Mozilla, and the majority of the revenue from these subscriptions will go to Mozilla, directly supporting Mozilla’s mission.

„We are excited about this partnership because it furthers our shared goal of making the Internet a safer place. If the experiment goes well, then we may expand it, and we can potentially offer ProtonVPN to over 300 million Mozilla users, significantly increasing security and privacy around the world,” according to the ProtonVPN team.

(Press release/RAN)

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