GoodFestival launches «Good Global Congress» with EPFL Tech4Impact

04.10.2018 11:44
The GoodFestival team

The previous four editions of the GoodFestival were held as a three to five-day event. As of the November 2018, GoodFestival will be held as a series of events during a period of 100 days with different themes. The first event is the Global Good Congress, organised in collaboration with EPFL Tech4Impact.

Launched in 2016 GoodFestival has grown to become one of the largest events focusing on bringing together innovators with new ideas that address society-based issues such as poverty and climate change. Through the event, the initiative seeks to provide a platform where innovators can showcase their innovation, collaborate with other innovators and meet potential partners and investors in a relaxed setting while they celebrate sustainable innovation. 

“Since the launch of GoodFestival on 25th of October 2016, we have delivered 17 days of events of more than 200 hours of programming. We have also brought 1,000s of Innovators together with speakers from various organisations like the WorldBank Group, UN Global Compact, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, digitalswitzerland, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Swiss Global Enterprise, thanks to the amazing GoodFestival team”, acknowledges Rajiv Srivastava, Co-Founder of the GoodFestival movement.

With the launch of the 5thedition, GoodFestival brings new changes in the organisation of the event. As of November 2018, GoodFestival will take place as a series of events, each dedicated to addressing a specific topic within the scope of sustainable innovation. The new format runs under the motto 100 Days of innovation. 

The first event is Global Good Congress, which will take place on 2nd November 2018 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Organised in collaboration with EPFL Tech4Impact, Good Global Congress aims to bring together 100 sustainable innovators working on entrepreneurial projects around the world with leading researchers in the fields of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship – to build a stronger bridge between research and practice and to start the dialogue for creating a sustainable future. The event combines keynotes, inspiring presentations and group discussions with networking opportunities and an interactive exhibition where innovator showcase their sustainable projects and products. 

Julia Binder of EPFL Tech4Impact said, “By bringing together and steering the dialogue between sustainable innovators and leading researchers we create a unique blend of powerful changemakers.” 

The Good 100 

The Global Good Congress also marks the launch of the Good100 list. The list comprises of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and investors from all over the world that have developed outstanding solutions that have a social and economic impact. A selection committee will announce one hundred Good100 PremaGyan medal winners.

Four additional events that are part of the 100 Days include; Good Water Summit, focussed on Water or Sanitation issues; GoodBrandSummit, targeted at business leaders who want to showcase their sustainability initiatives; GreatWomenLeaders, focused on showcasing stories of women leaders who have overcome great odds to do something good for the world. The third event Firestarter Summit is for discovering new films, music, art, sculpture, photography, dance, fashion, food, and books – everything creative, uplifting and responsible. 

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