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Gamaya launches new solution with Philip Morris International

16.10.2018 16:30

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First it was CaneFit and SoyFit, now it is TobaccoFit. Philip Morris International, one of the world's largest tobacco producers, has deployed TobaccoFit, Gamaya’s latest solution to enable tobacco growers to monitor and analyze their tobacco fields.

Gamaya’s technology combines drone-based imagery obtained from its proprietary lightweight hyperspectral cameras with artificial intelligence to provide customers with a platform for robust monitoring and analysis of their fields. The solution allows for more efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses through decision support and automation services.

The technology was first adapted for CaneFit, a solution for sugarcane growers in Brazil, later not SoyFit for soybean cultivation and now for TobaccoFit, an agronomic decision-support solution that improves the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of large-scale tobacco operations. The solution allows tobacco growers to monitor and analyze their tobacco fields season after season.

The platform can detect diseases such as the tobacco mosaic virus and provide plant-to-field level insights about crop and agronomic conditions, including plant flowering time, leaf maturity levels, and soil compaction.

Today, Gamaya launches TobaccoFit and announces its first customer - Philip Morris International, one of the world's largest tobacco producers and the company behind the brand Marlboro. The two companies have been working together in agricultural projects since 2016.

“The services and technologies of Gamaya are valuable to our business and agricultural strategy. Together, we have been developing innovative solutions, combining our expertise and knowledge in the tobacco crop and disruptive technologies in artificial intelligence and hyperspectral remote sensing imagery. Today, we can provide to our agronomists on time and accurate information so that they can take the right actions throughout the crop season. We expect to continue working with Gamaya in the future and build more solutions together to further improve our operational efficiencies and sustainability going forward”, stated Nicolas Ravaille, Sustainable Agriculture Manager at Philip Morris International.

TobaccoFit will be commercially available to growers in Brazil in early 2019 and later to other parts of the world, including the United States.

(Press release/RAN)

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