Daphne Technology obtains FIT seed loan of CHF 100’000

22.10.2018 16:50

Daphne Technology obtained a seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the FIT. The EPFL cleantech spin-off develops an innovative solution to help the maritime commercial industry meet international pollutants emissions’ guidelines. More: the technology transforms pollutants into fertilizer.

By 2020, commercial ships will need to drastically reduce emissions of toxic and greenhouse gases (up to 97% for sulfur oxide and 80% for nitrogen oxide) to meet the guidelines of the International Maritime Organization. Two techniques exist to meet compliance: install an expensive catalytic converter and switch fuel, two moves that would cost the commercial shipping industry an estimated $250 billion per year in fuel costs alone, according to Goldman Sachs.

Making polluting fumes green
Daphne Technology hopes to increase efficiency and reduce costs to meet these environmental regulations through the introduction of their product, a catalyst-free dry scrubber. The technology works by combining exhaust fumes with specific levels of water and ammonia. By performing this under exactly the right temperature and pressure conditions, a chemical reaction takes place that turns exhaust fumes into agricultural fertilizer – meaning not only a reduction in harmful emissions but a valuable, useful, environmentally friendly byproduct that can be sold on once the ship returns to harbor.

Co-founder Juan Mario Michan came up with this idea after having combined several years’ experience in the navy and commercial shipping with industrial engineering experience and a PhD in physics. The Fondation pour l'Innovation Technologique (FIT) loan, which comes after other supports in Vaud such as  Venture Kick, for example, will help him and his team accelerate the development and release of Daphne Technology’s product to the market.

(Press release/ES)

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