Alver on the rise

26.10.2018 10:20

Foodtech Alver will be increasing production volume after having sold out its first production stock. The Vaud based start-up is also busy in the R&D department, exploring new food forms with potential partners. had the opportunity to ask a few questions to its two co-founders, Majbritt Byskov-Bridges and Mine Uran.

Alver is gathering momentum. The Swiss foodtech launched in 2016 by women entrepreneurs Majbritt Byskov-Bridges and Mine Uran, is the first global agribusiness to produce high-nutrient, everyday foods based on Golden ChlorellaTM. In the latest Kickstart Accelerator Newsletter, we learned that the start-up, who is part of this year’s program cohort, will be increasing its production volume after having sold out first their production stock

Can you tell us more about the increase in production? Will you be enriching your product line-up? 

As a start-up we hope to increase the production with our Swiss production partners in general. We are planning to disclose the partnership once all has been fully approved. There is definitely more to come in our product line-up. 

What is your vision of the market? 

The Swiss market has been a superb market to start in and we have had great success with pharmacies, health stores, our web shop and the Manor take away. We will shortly roll out our full range of products in Manor and Coop which gives us a large platform to reach people who are truly interested in the product. The largest growing vegan and vegetarian markets are the U.K. and Germany. We are currently in a financing round to raise funds for this expansion.

Can you tell us more about the new food forms you are exploring with potential partners? 

We are working on bars with Legria / Bühler and other applications with Givaudan, Mondelez and Solvay.

What has been the impact of programs such as Masschallenge Switzerland and Kickstart Accelerator for Alver? 

The accelerators have been extremely helpful for Alver with regards to getting partnerships with large companies who are looking for innovation and sustainability. We hope to continue presenting our products and ideas at innovation support programmes such as Masschallenge Switzerland and Kickstart Accelerator. 

What are the next steps for your start-up? 

Many new steps await us, which we will take for the first time. One of our goals is the expansion with our existing partners like Manor & Coop, which are of major value to us. In addition to this, we are constantly working on new ideas regarding our product range, which drives a start-up like Alver forward. 


Photo by Zuzanna Adamczewska-Bolle

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