Swiss Startup Days are coming

Stefan Kyora / Ritah Ayebare Nyakato

06.10.2017 12:56

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Swiss Startup Days

More than 550 people have registered for the event on 24 and 25 October, and more than 850 one-to-one meetings have already been booked. The programme of the two days is now fixed. Pubic voting for Musketeer Award is still open.

Swiss Startup Invest has finalised the program of the upcoming two days event. A wide range of activities await the participants. Activities for day one have been defined and scheduled, including panels and the Startup Night by ETH Entrepreneur’s Club. By the way, a special offer is open to start-ups: the second ticket is free. Registration is open until 23 October.

The program of the first day has been completely redesigned. After the doors have been opened the event begins with master classes led by experts and startup champions. Ten Best Practice sessions with a broad range of topics including due diligence, term sheets, Admin Hurdles for startups, IPO, incentive plans, exit strategies and about CTI projects will be covered. Videos with insights on each topic are available on the website.

Ask the experts
Following the masterclasses are the panel discussions. In three different panels, lawyers, investors and start-up champions will address the questions asked by the audience. The first panel is dedicated to Lawyers. Participants include: Beat Speck (Wenger Vieli), Karim Maizer (Kellerhals Carrard), Jacques Bonvin (Tavernier Tschanz) and Mike Bauer as the moderator.

The Investors panel comprises of Caroline Gueissaz (Business Angels Switzerland (BAS)), Patrick Griss (Zühlke Ventures), Hans Dellenbach (Emerald Ventures ) Ravi Kurani (Earlybird ), Cédric Köhler (Creathor Ventures ), Michael Sidler (Redalpine ), Alexander von Frankenberg (High Tech Gründerfonds), Daniel Gutenberg (Businessangel & VC) and Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier (Swiss Startup Invest) as the moderator.

Participating startup champions include: Bettina Ernst (Preclin Biosystems), Emile de Rijk (Swissto12), Dorian Selz (Squirro), Madiha Derouazi (Amal Therapeutics), Michael Friedrich (Distal Motion), Dania Gerhardt (Amazee) and Dany Bermejo from Swiss Startup Invest will be the moderator.

Startup Night
For the first time at the Swiss startup Day, ETH Entrepreneur’s Club has organised a Startup Night to allow all participants to interact with each other. At the start of the event Alan Frei, Founder of Amorana, will share his entrepreneurial story with the audience. Several other activities to facilitate the evening have been scheduled.

Day 2 with keynotes, CTI panel, networking and a new award
The second day of the event is equally full of highlights. Besides the keynote from the Federal Chancellor Johann Schneider Ammann, as already mentioned in our previous article, Trudi Hämmerli, Board Member of Innosuisse has been announced to hold the second keynote.

A Panel by CTI has also been included in the second day program. Four roundtables with members from CTI will each address designated topics, including, How and when to finance a Startup, Markets beyond the Swiss mountains, Building a high performing Startup team and  Startup IP Roadmap – to protect or not?

Subsequently, 1:1 meetings, pitching battles and the new Musketeer Award, which recognises individual supporters and support organisations, will be conducted. Pubic voting for musketeer Award is still open until 25 October. 

Registration is open until 23 October. A special offer is open to start-ups: the second ticket is free. 

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