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LEDsafari collaborates with Philips Lighting Foundation

10.10.2017 10:05

LEDsafari a Vaud based startup that developed a make-it-yourself solar lamp training for the youth, has entered partnership with Philips Lighting Foundation to develop a new solar training curriculum for the youth in developing countries. This training will help solar companies that are working in the energy access domain to train people faster and more efficiently at the grass-root level.

LEDsafari will create technical, practical and business capacities needed to adopt and unleash the PV potential in the rural areas of developing countries. Thus, the training will allow people with minimum or no technical background to participate and get professional insights.

Solar energy has several well-known advantages. Its huge potential and the recent rush of sustainable technologies ignited a boom of solar panel installations everywhere, including developing countries.

According to LEDsafari, “it is not only the cost, but the failure of an adequate transfer of technologies and a lack of education that has slowed down the adoption of solar panels in developing countries. Low quality and improper installations have led to a belief that solar panels do not work efficiently or that they are not good enough, depriving these countries of a great opportunity to empower themselves energetically.”

Philips Lighting foundation has started an initiative to fight energy poverty through education, which will tackle the barriers of affordability, availability and usability that have halted the penetration of solar technology in rural areas. With the creation of a “training for trainers” module on solar units, LEDsafari will support the organisation to properly install and maintain the solar units, leading to a cheaper, cleaner, secure and reliable source of energy. The training module will improve the energy security situation in disconnected villages and enhance their quality of life considerably, opening up possibilities and creating new opportunities for an actual sustainable future.

American Express and Ashoka Changemakers
In May Govinda Upadhyay also had the opportunity to address the European Commission in Brussels as a guest lecturer at their Joint Research Conference about the role of quality education and training in combatting climate change.

The talk was met with a lot of engagement and positive feedback, not only by the European Commission, but also by the jury of the American Express and Ashoka Changemakers who selected LEDsafari to join the Emerging Innovators Bootcamp in Berlin this October. The American Express Leadership Academy Emerging Innovators Bootcamp gathers 100 changemakers around the globe who are positively transforming communities and revolutionizing healthcare, education, food security and more each year.


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