DODEKA makes music simpler with new iPad App

03.10.2017 09:45
Dodeka iPad app

The music startup DODEKA announced the launch of their first mobile App: Dodeka Music. Available on the App Store for free, this new mobile application offers a simple and innovative way to play and learn music.

Willing to make music more accessible to everyone, the Swiss-based startup Dodeka launched its first ever app, featuring its innovative keyboard layout and new musical notation, to help individuals who face difficulties when learning music. Moreover, the startup aims to make music easier and more accessible to help users ignite their creativity in a fun way.

The app includes a 17-key piano keyboard alongside 8 auto-scrolling musical sheets to choose from. And for those who would like to go further, there is an additional page dedicated to additional resources and learning material on DODEKA alternative musical notation. With this app, users can easily play a few well-known songs without having to spend hours on music theory.

“It is certainly a very basic and bootstrapped App” said Josua Rochat, co-founder of DODEKA. “But, we believe that it will gives users a good sense of the potential and fun of our innovation”.

“Our target market for this App not the musicians because they have learned music theory already, it is rather for beginners with no background in music. Having modern sheet-music will make learning music more exciting for them. We want to have an instrument that they don’t want to give up!” says Rochat to Musically.

Designed for iPads only, Dodeka Music is available on the App Store for free and in five different languages, including English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.


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