BlackBerry thrilled to partner with EQUIIS

31.10.2017 10:55

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BlackBerry has signed its first BlackBerry Secure licensing deal. The first product from this partnership will be an all-touch smartphone, which will use BlackBerry’s suite of device software security technologies and secure enterprise collaboration technology from EQUIIS. 

BlackBerry Limited has signed its first BlackBerry Secure licensing deal with Yangzhou New Telecom Science and Technology Company Ltd. (NTD), a Yangzhou and Beijing based electronics design firm that develops and manufactures smartphones and IoT devices. The first product from this partnership will be an all-touch smartphone, which will use BlackBerry’s suite of device software security technologies and secure enterprise collaboration technology from EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG of Zurich. It is expected to ship early in 2018. Customers and markets for the smartphone will be announced at a later date.

Alex Thurber, senior vice president and general manager of Mobility Solutions, BlackBerry, said “we’re thrilled to partner with NTD and EQUIIS and look forward to extending this dynamic relationship to include more carriers and a range of devices.” “Working with BlackBerry and NTD to integrate the BlackBerry Secure platform with the EQUIIS Secure Enterprise Collaboration Suite offers our ecosystem of carriers and system integrators a best-in-class offering for their enterprise clients,” added Derek Roga, CEO of EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG. “This strategic partnership elevates secure end-to-end communication and collaboration to an unprecedented level.”

Major product releases
In addition EQUIIS announced major product releases recently. In August the company added further file attachment capabilities on the EQUIIS application. Having previously been able to securely transfer PDF documents, the EQUIIS app now offers the function of sending Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other file types with complete privacy. In October the company announced the extension of its product suite to support secure desktop voice calls. Allowing for incoming and outgoing secure calls with either a desktop or smartphone, EQUIIS is ideal for large enterprises and telecommunication operators who are increasingly under pressure to improve the security of internal and client information.

“This is another major milestone for EQUIIS and early customer feedback has been excellent. Having the option to make a secure call from either a smartphone or laptop is a major productivity upgrade for our enterprise customers,” said Derek Roga, CEO at EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG. “Coming so shortly after the secure file attachments announcement, this Secure Voice over Desktop represents yet another major product release in 2017. We continue to work very closely with our customers and are lining up for another major product release before the end of the year.”


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