Lotaris partners with Opera Software

17.10.2013 12:37

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Lotaris announced today that it has partnered with Opera Software to promote Lotaris in-appCommerce to Android developers on the Opera Mobile Store. With this partnership, Android developers on the Opera Mobile Store will be able to use Lotaris in-appCommerce to monetize their apps through in-app purchases.

Lotaris in-appCommerce provides a complete in-app purchasing service for developers, supporting multiple business models, virtual item catalogue management, multiple checkout methods and a Merchant of Record service — thus managing the entire user transaction on behalf of developers.

For Android developers on the Opera Mobile Store, the store independent checkout service offered by Lotaris supports multiple payment methods including Credit Cards, PayPal and Mobile Operator Billing across 80 countries — and very soon, Alipay and MOLpoints. Operating on a revenue share basis, developers using this complete in-app purchasing service would keep 85% of their revenues.

Opera Mobile Store is one of the leading mobile app stores in the world accessed by over 75,000,000 monthly users worldwide generating more than 1,700,000 downloads daily. “Our partnership with Lotaris will help Android developers on the Opera Mobile Store monetize their apps more effectively. Lotaris is known for exceptional handling of user transactions on behalf of developers. We look forward to distributing apps with Lotaris billing,” says Victor Shaburov, Vice President of Storefront Services for Opera Software.

“We are very pleased to be working with Opera as the leading 3rd party application store, providing a high end in-app purchasing service to their Android developer community, to enhance the monetization capability of their apps and games in the store.” said Lotaris Co-Founder, David Keast.

Starting with the Google Play Store in November and followed by the Apple, Amazon and Samsung app stores, Lotaris in-appCommerce will also support the checkout services of the major app stores. Instead of learning and integrating with the in-app purchasing API of each individual store, Lotaris in-appCommerce provides developers with an easy way to develop their apps and games so that one API will work with the checkout services of all the major stores.

With this, developers using Lotaris in-appCommerce and publishing on Google Play, Amazon and Samsung app stores can extend their distribution network by easily publishing their apps on the Opera Mobile Store without having to go through multiple integration processes. Given the recent tightening of Google Play policies, this is an option developers should consider to increase their monetization opportunities.

As part of this partnership, Lotaris will offer a 90 day trial of the product where developers will be able to keep 100% of the revenues generated through their apps.

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