Lemoptix presents technological breakthrough in head up displays

08.10.2013 09:52

The new head up display prototype of the Swiss start-up Lemoptix represents a technological breakthrough. The company presented it at IAA 2013 automotive tradeshow and is planning to demonstrate it at the CES 2014 tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Significantly enhancing the capabilities of its first generation head up display (HUD) architecture, Lemoptix, a Lausanne Switzerland based company, released its latest HUD prototype for cars.

“Scanning MEMS-based laser projection displays are the future of automotive HUDs”, says Marco Boella, CEO of Lemoptix. “Lemoptix consistently hears that from leading automakers and tier 1 suppliers, many of which the company actively engages with”.

Nicolas Abelé, Lemoptix CTO adds that “this second generation HUD prototype represents a technology breakthrough. It has a field of view of 12.8 degrees horizontally and 3 degrees vertically. Resolution has increased to 1024 x 240 pixels, representing an angular resolution of 80 pixels per degree. The viewed image size is 50cm x 12cm at 2.25m distance from the viewer, and a virtual image luminosity of 40,000 cd per sq. m.

Lemoptix demonstrated its latest HUD prototype in late September at IAA 2013 automotive tradeshow held in Frankfurt, Germany; and is planning to demonstrate it at the upcoming CES 2014 tradeshow in Las Vegas that will be held on January 7 to 10, 2014.

With its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Lemoptix SA is a privately held corporation poised to revolutionize high resolution miniaturized projection displays. Lemoptix has developed multidisciplinary and world-leading expertise in MEMS mirror modeling, design and fabrication; system and module development, including optical and electronics subsystems. Lemoptix focus markets include wearable displays, automotive head up displays, mobile devices and 3D motion tracking systems. Lemoptix licenses its technology to leading OEMs, tier suppliers and chip makers.

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