A watch-like device for measuring blood pressure

10.10.2013 17:40

STBL has developed a non-invasive continuous blood pressure measurement system, worn on the wrist like a watch. The system allows for the first time continuous blood pressure monitoring over a longer period of time without interfering in the daily routines of everyday life. It’s an innovation in a billion dollar market. The system has been developed during the last six years and will now be validated clinically.

About 1 in 4 people in Switzerland suffer from high blood pressure; worldwide more than 1 billion people are affected increasing the risk of heart attack, cerebral haemorrhage or a stroke.Today, patients have the choice of two main methods of measuring blood pressure: either a pressure-cuff on the upper or lower arm, which is activated every 15 minutes over a period of several hours to compress the arm, or invasive monitoring via a catheter inserted into the artery. However, both methods are unpleasant and uncomfortable and are avoided by many, whenever possible.

During the last six years STBL with its partners has developed a solution which overcomes those problems: a monitor the size of a wristwatch. CARUNDA24 can be comfortably worn on the wrist allowing continuous blood pressure measurements, without the need for pressure-cuff or catheters. The system measures the pulse wave pressure at the surface of the skin enabling non-invasive determination of the blood pressure allowing important vital data to be measured continuously without interfering in the daily routines of everyday life.

Professor Dr. med. Thomas F. Lüscher (Director of Cardiology Clinic at the University Hospital of Zurich) explains: “This new mobile system with its continuous monitoring of the blood pressure and analysis of other vital parameters, such as the detection of health status of the blood vessels (stiffness, elasticity), opens completely new possibilities in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.”

With its device STBL addresses a huge market. The market volume for blood pressure monitoring is USD 6 to 7 billion and growing 7 to 9% annually.

STBL has successfully completed pre-clinical studies and registered patent applications in several countries (Switzerland, Europe, USA, Brazil and Japan). In winter 2012 STBL received approval for tests with catheterized test persons by Swissmedics and USZ-Ethical Commission. In March 2013 the company completed first catheter tests and finished adjustments for extended clinical test series.

Clinical testing must now be completed in order to obtain medical certification and begin with the production of the CARUNDA24 system. STBL is launching an international crowdfunding campaign which runs from 2 October 2013 to 15 January 2014 to raise CHF 500’000 required to fund the clinical validation. “Backers” supporting STBL with an amount of CHF 575 or more will receive an engraved CARUNDA 24 blood pressure measuring system from the first limited production series, if the conditions laid down in the terms and conditions are met.

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