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Two young tech companies awarded with special prizes

09.11.2018 10:12

SOPHiA GENETICS was awarded the “Jury’s special prize” at the Prix Vaudois des Entreprises Internationales this Thursday evening. Bequom won the Prix SVC Suisse romande 2018.

Collectively awarded by the Department of Economics, Innovation and Sport (DEIS), the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and Economic Development – Vaud (DEV), the PVEI recognises three companies that are both excelling beyond our borders and also the driving powers of Vaud’s economy. SOPHiA GENETICS, founded in 2011 at the EPFL, set itself apart in the category “Jury’s special prize”.

Based in Saint-Sulpice since 2014, the company currently has 66 employees in the region and some 130 around the world. This world leader in data-driven medicine created the AI SOPHiA and works with a network of more than 850 hospitals in 77 countries. SOPHiA technology is used by hundreds of university hospitals around the world in order to better diagnose and treat patients thanks to an ultra-precise analysis of genomic data. As well as clinical genomics, the analytical power of SOPHiA also now corresponds to the needs of radiology and clinical trials. Responding to growing demand in the American market, an operational centre was opened in Boston last September. Currently, 20 employees work in the USA, a number that should grow to 50 in the next year. The other two winners of the PVEI award are TESA, leader in precision measurement tools, and BOBST, worldwide supplier of machines for packaging manufacturer. The three companies were rewarded for their achievements at the PVEI this Thursday evening at the IMD Business School in front of 300 guests.

Prix SVC goes to beqom
The Nyon-based company beqom SA has won the "
Prix SVC Suisse romande 2018". The company focusses on the development of compensation management software for large companies. Serving the Human Resources or Sales Departments of its customers, beqom offers solutions to deal effectively and objectively with all questions relating to the global management of remuneration, performance or sales bonuses. Founded in 2009, based in Nyon (VD), beqom has quickly made a name for itself in its target market. The company employs some 140 people and has many prestigious customers in Europe and the United States. Beqom’s solution is currently used by more than 3 million employees worldwide.

The second prize was awarded to Flyability SA. Created in 2014, the Lausanne-based company employs 70 people, including 25 engineers. Some 1100 people attended the award ceremony for this 8th edition of the " Prix SVC Suisse romande 2018", organized by the Swiss Venture Club, at the SwissTech Convention Center at EPFL.

(Press release / SK)

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