Three cleantech startups awarded at ClimateLaunchpad Grand final

05.11.2018 11:55
ClimateLaunchpad audience

Bloom, Swiss Vault and FenX are the three winners of this year's ClimateLaunchpad Switzerland. The startups pitched before an international jury in the Grand global final, securing themselves a spot in the Top Ten. FenX additionally received the category award in the Theme Award competitions.

The ClimateLaunchpad Grand final in Edinburgh brought together over 700 individuals that are dedicated to tackling climate change issues. Various speakers addressed some of the relevant topics around the theme of climate change.

As part of the event, 135 startups from all over the world pitched their solutions to the audience and the jury. The presentations were followed by the jury selection of the Top ten startups that qualified for the ClimateLaunchpad accelerator. Bloom and Swiss Vault made it to the Top Ten.

Bloom is developing a technology for the efficient extraction of basic chemicals from plants. The novel extraction process makes it possible to use organic waste such as nut shells or wood for the production of fragrances.

Swiss Vault, on the other hand, is developing a data storage technology that requires 100 times less electricity and around 200 times less space than conventional technologies.

In addition to the Top ten ClimateLaunchpad winners, Climate Kic held the Themes Awards competition to honor the most outstanding startups in six categories. The Swiss-based FenX received an award for the Circular category economy, which recognizes breakthrough ideas that challenge the current model of ‘take-make-dispose’. FenX is addressing this issue by developing an organic thermal insulation material for building insulation. The material is non-toxic, non-flammable and recyclable.

“All three teams received a lot of positive feedback from the jury and the audience. During the networking session of the two-day event, they were also able to make important contacts. We are looking forward to hearing more about FenX, Bloom and Swiss Vault”, said a correspondent from ClimateLaunchpad team.


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