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NanoLockin and Cortexia awarded at the Fribourg Innovation Award

08.11.2018 09:52

On Wednesday evening, the Canton of Fribourg honored its most innovative companies. The Start-up Award, in accordance with the results of a public vote, was given to the start-up company NanoLockin based in Fribourg. In addition, the Cleantech Award was received by the company Cortexia from Châtel-St-Denis.

Every two years, the Fribourg Innovation Award is given to the most innovative enterprise and the most innovative start-up. The Awards Ceremony took place yesterday at Forum Fribourg in the presence of over 500 guests.

Judges and the public vote for NanoLockin
The winner of the Start-up Award is the company NanoLockin from Fribourg which came in with 38% of all votes cast. The victorious start-up company was chosen by the panel of judges as well as by a public vote. The public was able to cast its vote ever since the finalists had been announced four weeks ago. In addition, the persons present at the Awards Ceremony were once again given the possibility of voting by SMS text messaging.

NanoLockin has developed a new method to detect nanoparticles. Based on active thermal imaging, it measures the most minute differences in temperature. When nanoparticles absorb light, they create heat that, thanks to active thermal imaging, can be rapidly and efficiently measured and quantified. This innovative method is easy to use, the products being examined are not damaged, and the costs of an analysis are reduced tenfold in comparison with the other techniques employed to date.

The CHF 30,000 Start-up Award was presented by Fribourg Minister of Economic Affairs Olivier Curty, President of the Fribourg Innovation Award’s panel of judges. Start-up companies Cortexia in Châtel-St-Denis and Texum in Fribourg came in second and third, respectively.

Cortexia wins the Cleantech Award
The CHF 6,000 Cleantech Award was won by the company Cortexia from Châtel-St-Denis. Cortexia has developed a solution enabling cities to improve their cleanliness, while reducing costs and preserving the environment. Cortexia’s approach measures urban littering in an objective manner by using intelligent cameras mounted on city vehicles. Neural network algorithms identify and quantify the amount of littering, placing it into different categories. The data thus collected is transmitted in real time in the form of a detailed map of the dirty areas. In this way, resources can be planned and allocated to ensure that the right cleaning means are used at the right time and at the right location.

The Cleantech Award was handed over to the winner by Chantal Robin, Director of the Fribourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), and a member of the panel of judges. The Cleantech Award was endowed by contributions from the FCCI, the Cantonal Service of Energy, and the Fribourg Development Agency.

Scott Sports: the lightest Wheel for Mountain bikes
Scott Sports was presented with the CHF 10,000 Business Award by Denis Galley, Member of the Executive Board of the Fribourg Cantonal Bank, for its development of an innovative, full carbon wheelset. This new type of carbon-made wheel comes out of one composite mold, spokes included. Weighing but a mere 1250 grams per pair, the Syncros Silverton SL wheelset is the lightest 29-inch wheelset for mountain bikes. In addition, the wheels are characterized by a rigidity and initial acceleration values never before attained.

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Picture: Nanolockin Team / STEMUTZ


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