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CERN selects smart city startup as its first Swiss incubatee

14.11.2018 09:49

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Glenn Meleder

SecuraXis is honored to be the first startup of the Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies. The startup received CHF 50’000 seed capital to embark on a two-year acceleration journey, accompanied by experts from CERN and its partners. SecuraXis will further develop its product, RTExD, to solve the safety and security issues arising in smart cities.

The Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of CERN Technologies is a new entrepreneurship program of the PARK INNOVAARE, CERN, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of North-Western Switzerland (FHNW). The incubator was launched this summer with the aim to support startup with breakthrough technologies from the idea stage through implementation using the accelerator and related technologies.

In the first call-for-applications, candidates underwent a two-phase selection process. Out of six finalists, the selection committee nominated Securaxis for its RTExD product as the winner and first incubatee of the program. SecuraXis will join the two-year program to benefit from extensive technological support from CERN and PSI experts coupled with business coaching and a starting capital of CHF 50,000.

While at BIC of CERN Technologies, the startup will advance its RTExD product to solve the safety and security issues arising in smart cities. RTExD is equipped with a high-energy event detection sensor that uses artificial Intelligence, sound localization, and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to identify and characterize sounds in a real-time. The solution will be integrated into environments where video camera installations are not suitable due to technical or privacy reasons.

The solution will help authorities including police, traffic authorities and fire departments to overcome daily challenges by providing early awareness signals in the case of explosions or extreme energy events, such as fires or collisions, thus keeping them informed of an ongoing situation in real time and reducing the number of false alarms.

Tests in Geneva, Abu Dhabi and Taipei
Securaxis will conduct tests of its technology on three pilot sites in the canton of Geneva. Two additional pilot projects are planned in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Taipei, Taiwan. For deployment in large areas and complex scenarios, Securaxis is required to integrate its current technology with a high-performance data gathering and control system. For this challenging step, Securaxis aims to leverage CERN's know-how and expertise in the area of large-scale data-gathering, monitoring, and control solutions based on the so-called
C2MON framework.

With this new solution, Securaxis expands its product portfolio. Until date, Securaxis provides weather forecasts for physical security and risk management. Using predictive analytics to assess individualized threats, and with real-time geo-localized mapping of risks, Securaxis enables people in volatile environments to make better decisions.

Photo: Glenn Meleder, Co-founder and CEO of SecuraXis


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