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Agri-tech startup obtains a FIT seed support of CHF 100’000

26.11.2018 14:51
The AgroSustain team

AgroSustain opens new ways to extend the lifespan of products sustainably. The startup has obtained FIT seed capital of CHF 100’000, one year after receiving a FIT grant – InnoTREK of the same amount.

Almost half of the fruits, berries, vegetables and cut flowers sold in supermarkets get wasted every year, out of which a third of these losses are caused by fungal pathogens. Metabolites of some of the broadly spread fungi in food storage facilities can have an additional adverse effect on humans. There is currently no sustainable solution to counter this problem.

AgroSustain, a spin-off of the University of Lausanne, has therefore made it its objective to reduce food waste caused by fungal pathogens in fruit and vegetable during storage as well as to extend storage life in supermarkets or at the consumers’ homes. To achieve this objective, the startup in collaboration with the Agroscope of Changins developed a new approach that depends on natural plant extracts to stop and prevent further development of plant fungal pathogen.

The new method detects plant-based toxins against some of the most common agronomical fungi. The startup’s first solution is based on two natural plant extracts. The solution extends the shelf life of vegetables, berries, fruit, and cut flowers by at least a week and is safe for human health.  

AgroSustain has obtained new funds of CHF 100’000 from FIT seed support in addition to its previously obtained funds from FIT grant – InnoTREK of CHF 100’000,  Venture Kick Stage III, BRIDGE Proof Of Concept and from the European Union Horizon 2020 Stage 1 and Climate-KIC programs.

(RAN/Press release)

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