Tributize revolutionizes the eCard market

Ritah Ayebare Nyakato

17.11.2017 12:43

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Tributize AG, an Aargau –based startup has developed a global online platform for people to share tributes to their loved ones. On Tributize users can create an account which allows them to write tributes and also share their content on social media. The content can be edited at any time. 13,000 users from over 150 countries are already registered on the platform.

Greeting cards are the classic way to `send messages of friendship to friends and family. With the rise of the internet, however, several platforms offering free eCards services emerged allowing people all over the world to pass on their message electronically. Consequently, the classic greeting card market which is worth over US$20 billion per year is in decline.. Although the free eCard services are still appreciated, a personal touch and perceived value to the eCard message is missing.

“An e-card fails to demonstrate investment in time or money from the sender,” says James Smith, CEO and founder of Tributize. “Most e-cards are free, and fast. Contrast that with a hand-written greeting card which involves effort to choose, purchase, write and send. It tells the recipient that you care.”

With the aim to bridge the gap between paper and e-cards and offer advantages over the paper card, Smith established Tributize based in the canton of Aargau. The startup offers an online platform on which users create permanent online tribute pages to people that they care about.

Registered users can write online tributes to ‘Friends and Family’ (people they know personally), as a digital replacement for a hand-written greetings card, ‘Memories’ (an online memorial tribute) to someone who has passed on, and ‘Fan’ pages for favourite stars from movies to music, television to sports. Additionally, users have the opportunity to edit their content and add pictures and videos, at any time. The content created can be shared within the community and on social media channels.

Four months following its launch, Tributize already counts over 13’000 registered users on the platform, without any media coverage and with only a low advertising budget. The service is open to people from all countries with internet access. Users from more than 150 countries are already registered.

“We asked some pilot users to create a tribute page, tell us how they felt writing it, and how the recipient reacted. The feedback has been incredibly positive. Writing an online tribute is an enjoyable and emotionally satisfying experience” concluded Smith.

Picture: Tributize platform

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