RigoBlock gets accepted into Blockchain Accelerator backed by Deutsche Bank

13.11.2017 10:03

After a screening of more than 400 European start-ups, Rigo Investment's RigoBlock project has been selected as one of the top 5 European blockchain startups. The team from Lugano will join H-Farm's Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator.

In partnership with Deutsche Bank, the Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator focuses on the "Blockchain 2.0", or rather, use cases that go beyond digital currency, and instead focus on the technological impact on the areas of trade, distribution management and logistics.

Five teams have been selected. Each team will receive €20,000 in seed funding, with the possibility of receiving additional funding at the end of the program, in addition to access to hundreds of free or discounted services, which the partners will offer to the teams. Deutsche Bank, in particular, will support the selected startups with certain services, such as business strategies that will quickly consolidate their business models and will simplify their entrance into the market of their specific field.

One of the selected projects is RigoBlock which is developed by Rigo Investment, a start-up based in Lugano. RigoBlock is a Blockchain-based asset management company. The RigoBlock platform is built on top of a proprietary smart contract protocol which allows users to deploy their own investment fund and trade on behalf of their investors. RigoBlock is operated through a completely decentralized and serverless architecture. Developers can even create their own application on top of RigoBlock protocol. The ultimate goal, once the technology is fully operational on the Ethereum mainnet, is to make the RigoBlock platform an ecosystem for traders, allowing any investment strategy, no matter how twisted or strange, be performed. RigoBlock platform is currently in alpha, accessible in the Parity store and visible globally by users running the Parity UI.

Gabriele Rigo, founder and CTO of Rigo Investment comments: “The award rewards the RigoBlock team's hard work and testifies blockchain technology is becoming a target market not just for computer geeks and cryptoanarchists. The RigoBlock team welcomes this prestigious award which comes at a special moment, as the release of their platform is imminent, after months of testing. The vibrant accelerator program, solely focused on blockchain startups, will further enhance RigoBlock's leadership in the field of blockchain and dominance in decentralized asset management.”


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